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My Journal

January 31, 2008

This is a picture of the journal I bought today. I know that this had nothing to do with anime or manga but it’s cultural. This morning I happened to be passing the stationery section of a bookshop but something caught my eye. Normally I would pass the stand for luxury journals but I found this beauty at the very […]

Cowboy Bebop

January 30, 2008

Cowboy Bebop was directed by Watanabe Shinichiro, who also is responsible for directing Samurai Champloo. I really enjoy this anime, but I times I can find myself cringing over episodes that are not digitally remastered. This is only a little complaint, especially because this anime is hitting the ten year old mark. Still, I adore the dose of […]

Ergo Proxy

January 29, 2008

  This futuristic anime is directed by Shukou Murase, who also directed Witch Hunter Robin and was involved in Samurai Champloo in an animating capacity. Ergo Proxy is the darkest anime that I have ever had the pleasure to watch. By this, I don’t just mean the themes and intricate subplots woven into the main storyline. Ergo Proxy is simply a dark anime, […]


January 28, 2008

This series is created by Minari Endoh and published by Tokyopop. In Japan the ongoing manga series is currently at volume ten, but the English translation is slowly, but surely catching up. The English volumes have currently reached volume seven as of the start of this year. There is an anime series of Dazzle under the name Hatenkou Yuugi just launched in Japan, but more about […]

Samurai Champloo

January 27, 2008

I have just finished watching one of the most entertaining anime series of all time, by the name of Samurai Champloo. Watanabe Shinichiro, the director of this in your face anime was also the director behind the infamous Cowboy Bebop. The story is set in the 1600’s in Japan, obviously because samurai were quite prevalent at this time. […]

My Inspiration

January 27, 2008

At long last I have decided to join the ranks of the bloggers. This choice is also propelled by the fact that I have been so generously invited to the Irish Blog Awards. The topics I have decided to publish on this blog are related to enertainment.  (I know it’s quite broad!) But fear not, this is going to be […]