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Samurai Champloo

Champloo trio

I have just finished watching one of the most entertaining anime series of all time, by the name of Samurai Champloo. Watanabe Shinichiro, the director of this in your face anime was also the director behind the infamous Cowboy Bebop.

The story is set in the 1600’s in Japan, obviously because samurai were quite prevalent at this time. 🙂

The gist of the story is about a young girl called Fuu, searching for a samurai that smells of sunflowers. She meets Mugen, the brown haired “samurai” who looks like he would gouge out your eyes, and Jin, the bespectacled quiet, honourable samurai who carries himself with proud dignity. Well, those two gentlemen promptly square off against each other in the tea house in which Fuu works, in one of the best fight scenes I have ever seen in an anime.  The unpredictable mix of Mugens fighting style, including breakdancing moves against Jins calm, co-ordinated style is just amazing to watch.

I would have liked if the love triangle could have been taken further, but I think that Watanabe Shinchiro felt that it would take away the action and shonen label as it is essentially targeted at the male demographic. The whole romance thing between them is more, what is not said or done rather than is.

Warning! I watched the majority of this anime in Japanese with English subs, but I managed to see the last few episodes in English. Apart from improving my poor foreign language skills, my ears turned red with the swear words in the English dub. Quite unexpected, but still enjoyable nonetheless. Especially with the lovable ruffian Mugen swearing blue, (in English anyway), you just know an ass kicking is going to ensue. 🙂


The following clip will emphasize that Samurai Champloo is an action filled anime, well worth the attention it deserves.


9 Responses to “Samurai Champloo”

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  2. […] appearance is deceiving as she manages to save the lives of Mugen and Jin in the first episode of Samurai Champloo. Shinichiro Watanabe has created a Fuu to be a very kind, naive young girl. Her love of food is […]

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  5. I absolutely love this anime. I wish they would make another season or something, it is so addicting. =)

  6. I have to admit myself it has a unique mix of music and storylines and personally I would rate it as high as Cowboy Bebop if not better. In Bebeop there were a few filler episodes as there are in Champloo but Champloo is a more relaxed anime throughout. Sissnce it’s left open-ended there’s always the possibility of a sequel but I doubt it’s going to be made. 😦 Samurai Chaploo is a very awesome anime anyway. 🙂

  7. Wow! I love you’re writing style. It’s corky and fun! I agree your review, but love triangle? HUH? Well, I’ve only seen the English dubbed version of this anime, and I don’t recall Mugen or Jin displaying any romantic interest in Fuu. If anything, both Mugen and Jin consistently point out how young and immature Fuu is, which is a good thing. Fuu looks waay too young for those guys. I was hoping Fuu would end up with that thief she encountered, but sadly he died.

    Anyway, great review!

    • Do you remember one of the episodes near the end of the season where Fuu, Jin and Mugen were camping out? I think Fuu was upset over her father and Jin kinda comforted her but at the same time Mugen was jealous.
      It’s been nearly two years since I saw it so my memory is a bit hazy.

      I should really start blogging here again, it’s been months since I posted here. Oopsies. 😀

  8. It’s cool! I haven’t seen Samurai Champloo in a while either, so I don’t recall the scene you’re referring to. (Still the thought of old Jin and young Fuu in a relationship is a distrubing image. But that’s just me.) No matter! I enjoyed your post of this anime.

    By the way, you should keep writing. You’re really good at it.

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