From Here to There to Japan One Day


This series is created by Minari Endoh and published by Tokyopop. In Japan the ongoing manga series is currently at volume ten, but the English translation is slowly, but surely catching up. The English volumes have currently reached volume seven as of the start of this year. There is an anime series of Dazzle under the name Hatenkou Yuugi just launched in Japan, but more about that offence later.

I bought this manga on an impulse and knew absolutely knew nothing about the story or its content. In my opinion that’s the best way of discovering manga and anime. But, I’m quite satisfied now that I have the Dazzle manga in a place of pride on my shelf, rather than sitting on a dusty bookstore shelf, I have given it a home. I find that this manga is quite a refreshing change from the usual stereotypes of the shojo drama genre.

Dazzle certainly breaks the mold by giving the female protanganist, Rahzel, an actual personality. Rahzel kind of reminds me of Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket to an extent. But unlike Tohru’s formal politeness and strong sense of fairness, Rahzel is loud, boisterous and is a “let’s go get ’em !” kind of girl. But we all know that she’s a sweetheart deep down, just very deep down. 😀

DazzleThe story begins with Rahzel’s father asking,”How’d you like to go out see the world?” Rahzel like any outgoing teenager agrees with a smile, thinking that she might be going on holidays or something of the sort. But in her case, her father kicks her out, leaving her to fend for herself by her powers of sorcery. Not long after, she meets an young albino man called Alzied. He reveals to Rahzel that he is an a journey to avenge his father’s death. Alzeid seems to be in constant isolation and never smilies. With her headstrong personality, Rahzel declares that she is going to accompany him until she changes that boring life of his into something worth smiling about. They eventually meet a man called Baroqueheat, who knew Alzied from his stint in the army. Baroqueheat is not only part of the trio for simply entertainment value, his role deepens the plot of Alzeid’s revenge. Plus it’s always loads of fun to see him trying to wind up Alzied and Rahzel.

Now Hantenkou Yuugi, the anime to Dazzle. It started airing in Japan on the 5th of January, this year. I watched the first couple of subbed episodes, but I was very disappointed. I felt that for a new person trying to enjoy the anime, it was very confusing, it leapt from plots back and forth. For instance, in the first episode we see Baroqueheat being introduced at the end of the episode. “No name, don’t know how he ended up there and who is he?” These would have been the first questions of any perplexed person, who doesn’t know the story in the manga. Hatenkou Yuugi is an example of how an anime should not be planned out. It’s a shame really because the manga is fantastic.


4 Responses to “Dazzle”

  1. Ok, so I watched the anime. It was totally confusing the first few episodes. But once you get into it, its pretty good. I also hated the very last episode, there is kind of a point to it. Where it totally says that there is going to be a second season or a movie or something. Like seriously there still hasn’t been anything else. Im major pissed. But I have heard that the mangas are pretty good. So i am planning on buying them, and i’v found Vol.1-10. Does anyone know if it is still ongoing after Vol.10?

  2. @Tara I thought the plots were seriously confusing since they took plots from later on and kept backtracking to the start. I just got the ninth volume of the series through my letter box the other day and flicking through the final pages of the manga, Minari Endoh stated that Dazzle was by not means completed yet. So I guess that Dazzle is going to be an epic series with loads of volumes. 🙂 I hope that helps.

  3. Volume 11 comes out in January :]
    I work at a bookstore 😛

    • @Kitty
      Do you mean January 2010?
      I bought the 10th volume in January of this year!
      That seems to be an awful long time. 😦

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