From Here to There to Japan One Day

My Journal

This is a picture of the journal I bought today.


I know that this had nothing to do with anime or manga but it’s cultural. This morning I happened to be passing the stationery section of a bookshop but something caught my eye. Normally I would pass the stand for luxury journals but I found this beauty at the very bottom shelf on the stand. I hate flowers and gardening of any description, a notebook is a notebook, nothing more. I’m a practical girl. I couldn’t bear to leave this cutesy notebook on the tiny little shelf. My finances were very favourable this morning so I bought it. 

This particular brand of journal is called Ukiyo-E Kimono and is made by paperblanks. On the very back page of the journal, there is a small explanatory note for the meaning of Ukiyo-E. These are artistic woodblock paintings that date as back as the 1600’s. The woodblock carvings that are used in printing designs onto kimono inspired this journal. Hence the name Ukiyo-E Kimono.

The red blooms reminded me of kimono designs and they have a slight sparkly effect, which is an added bonus. 🙂 There is a magnetic catch at the front is covered in leather and keeps the journal firmly closed. Another handy feature is a little pouch in the back cover to keep your bits of paper with ideas written on them, no fear of them being lost. A red ribbon is also in the spine of the book so you won’t ever forget the page you’re on. The next problem is it’s so pretty, I don’t even know what I’m going to write in it! 🙂


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