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Cowboy Bebop Movie

February 28, 2008

I would have had this particular post written sooner, but to be honest I had to refresh this movie in mind. As I finished my exams for the moment, I decided to buy this movie as a reward to myself. 🙂 A little pampering every now and then, won’t hurt me. Especially since I have finished my exams (for now), […]

Tramps Like Us

February 24, 2008

  Also goes by the name of Kimi Wa Pet. This fourteen volume manga series is created by Yayoi Ogawa and is published by Tokyopop in English. The entire series is complete as the final English volume was released recently. 😀 The title of this particular manga series is a bit off putting and intriguing at the same […]


February 20, 2008

  Otherwise known as “Radical Edward” or Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV in Cowboy Bebop. This young girl was an orphan living on the planet Earth until she decided to hack into the Bebop’s mainframe and take control of it. Her initial appearance in Cowboy Bebop series, shows her to be in her own world most of the time. Edward prefers […]


February 17, 2008

  Jet Black or “Black Dog” is by far the most responsible crew member aboard the Cowboy Bebop. This is glaringly obvious by the fact that Jet owns and “captains” the Bebop ship, as none of the other characters have even two pennies to rub together. Usually though he unsucessfully hides the emergency stash of money in the pot of a bonsai tree […]


February 14, 2008

  As today is the fourteenth of February, Valentine’s Day, in commemoration I think that a post on Faye Valentine from the infamous Cowboy Bebop is in order. This sassy female specimen appears a couple of times in the series before finally deciding upon the Bebop ship as her safe haven of sorts. Violet hair, green eyes, […]


February 13, 2008

  In Cowboy Bebop, Spike Spiegel is undoubtedly one of the most iconic anime characters of all time. His green hair, blue suit and let’s face it, a guy who has a take it as it comes attitude, is once again the base for the character of Mugen in Samurai Champloo. Out of all the characters of Cowboy Bebop, Spike’s macabre history is the one referred […]


February 11, 2008

  In Samurai Champloo, Jin is an honourable, ronin (masterless) samurai searching for his purpose. He wears a traditional kimono but modern day spectacles, another nod to the mixture of times between 1600’s Japan and the twenty first century. Even though the irony is that Jin doesn’t require spectacles, he wears them as a distinctive feature. As […]

Bride Of The Water God

February 9, 2008

***It’s official, Bride of The Water God is going to be continued to be published by Dark Horse. For all the info click here.*** Update: Vol 3 is out in May 2009 and Vol.4 in September 2009, here’s the latest by Darkhorse on their forums. Plus, if you’re looking for some spoilers, click on the link to Soah. […]


February 7, 2008

Fuu is a young teenage girl who’s initial appearance is deceiving as she manages to save the lives of Mugen and Jin in the first episode of Samurai Champloo. Shinichiro Watanabe has created a Fuu to be a very kind, naive young girl. Her love of food is quite evident as she balloons up to four […]


February 5, 2008

   In Samurai Champloo, Mugen was born on the Ryukyu Islands, where the convicted criminals were exiled to live. He reveals to during the course of the series that he never knew his mother or father and he always had to look out for himself. He wears a pout of sorts when he’s totally uncaring for the situation around […]