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Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist, oh how I love this anime. I must personally thank Anime Central for broadcasting this anime on satellite in Western Europe, I spent nearly three months watching this anime, an episode every night. I think the idea of alchemy and transmutation is quite intriguing, the possibilities would be endless. The animation in Fullmetal Alchemist is easy on the eyes and every episode usually somewhere different but the main theme of their search for the Philosopher’s Stone is never forgotten. Plus, I love the voice of Edward Elric, voiced by Vic Mignogna. There also is a movie called Fullmetal Alchemist: The Conqueror Of Shamballa.

The ongoing manga series is currently at volume eighteen in Japan. I own a few volumes of the manga series, but they are very difficult to find, even online. No bookstores in the city near me stocks any Viz Media publications never mind Fullmetal Alchemist. The main plot is mostly the same but one of the interesting additions is the transmutation circle found on Winry’s back. Also, in the manga when the young brothers try to resurrect their mother, it is discovered later on that they had performed the transmutation on the wrong body. In the anime, they had they really had the body of their mother and the reason for this is explained later on in the series.

Fullmetal Alchemist is set in the early twentieth century, based in a universe parallel to ours. The sciences in this parallel world developed towards the research of alchemy and transmutation circles rather than aeronautical machines and physics. Transmutation circles are used by alchemists to create objects from basic substances, for example, carving a transmutation circle on a wall may form a series of ledges allowing the alchemist to scale the building. The only principle that an alchemist should never forget is Equivalent Exchange. It states that nothing can be gained without losing something of equal value. This is the story of two such fledgling alchemists who flouted this law and are searching for what they have lost.


Edward Elric, with the help of his younger brother Alphonse, nicknamed Al, tried to resurrect their mother who died of a terminal illness. This attempt deliberately is an act trying to break the law of Equivalent Exchange. Needless to say, their attempt backfired and Edward ended up outside the Gate. His mind became overwhelmed by the sheer amount of the alchemic knowledge filling him because of trying to break the law of Equivalent Exchange. Upon returning to his world, he had sacrificed his left leg as the price for the knowledge gained. With his new ability of performing a transmutation without a circle, he bound Al’s soul to a nearby suit of armour as Al lost his body. For this exchange, Edward gives up his right arm so he would not be alone in the world. Determined to recover their bodies, the two brothers burn down their family home so that they cannot give up their journey in pursuit of the Philosopher’s Stone. Edward gains the title of Fullmetal Alchemist when he is the youngest to pass the State Alchemy exam at the age of twelve. He joins the military in an effort to find out more about the roots behind the illustrious Philosopher’s Stone. A running joke in the series is Edward’s sensitivity to his height, on their journey many people mistake Al for the Fullmetal Alchemist and Edward has to prove that it is he who is the State Alchemist. 🙂


Alphonse Elric’s soul was bound to the suit if armour by means of a blood seal with Edwards new ability of transmuting without a circle and Edwards blood. Al had thought of becoming a State Alchemist but he would have passed all the exams except one, the physical exam. Imagine the shock of the military if they discovered that Al’s suit of armour was completely hollow on the inside except for Ed’s blood seal. Al’s kind, gentle nature is shown throughout the series and his role as Ed’s constant voice of reason, but whether Ed listens or not is another story. Al’s soul comes into question later in the series of Fullmetal Alchemist, his sense of self comes into question. Is he really the Alphonse Elric that grew up with Edward, or is he just a collaboration of all of Ed’s memories transferred into this suit of armour?

Watch Fullmetal Alchemist to find out, it will be well worth it.

Best Of You by the Foo Fighters, with Full Metal Alchemist, the series.


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