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Hot Gimmick

Hot Gimmick

When I first read a review of this manga, I must admit I wasn’t too impressed, the opening storyline was a bit off putting and misleading from the review. One afternoon when I was on a shopping trip, I spied this manga’s first two volumes and I was prepared to give them a try. This twelve volume manga was created by Miki Aihara and is published by Viz Media. Miki Aihara has bestowed upon the characters of Hot Gimmick diverse and complicated personalities. The animation of Hot Gimmick is quite pretty and I thoroughly enjoyed the storyline. This is an excellent manga which I hope will be made into a quality anime.

The storyline of Hot Gimmick is immediately established in the opening chapter. Hatsumi Narita is a young teenage girl living with her family in a company complex. All the families of employees of the company live in apartment complex’s in close proximity to the company’s base. Hatsumi’s younger sister, Akane, thinks that she is pregnant and begs Hatsumi to purchase a pregnancy test for her. But she gets caught by her most feared person Ryoki Tachibana, who is the son of the harpy-like queen of the housing complex. In exchange for him keeping her secret, Hatsumi has to promise to become his slave. Enter Azusa, childhood friend of Hatsumi who is a top model and has returned for reasons unknown. Love triangles ensue, even love squares and unrequited love feature in this manga.

Warning! This manga does contain some material that is unfit for young children. Personally I think the age group of this manga should be categorised as 16+.

Hatsumi Narita is a naive, kind hearted young girl with strong family values. She proves her loyalty to her family from the very outset of this manga by buying Akane the pregnancy test kit, putting her own reputation at risk. Hatsumi believes in defending others even though she cannot defend herself. Her fear of Ryoki stems from an incident from her childhood. Ryoki pushed her down a set of stairs, but this is later revealed that this was an accident. Azusa came to her rescue back then, so it seems that Hatsumi has always had a soft spot for Azusa. Hatsumi becomes very confused about her feelings throughout the course of the manga. It seems that her choices of male characters constantly change in leaders for her affection. She finally settles her muddled up heart and mind in the climax of the manga.

Ryoki Tachibana is presented to us as a person with a severe complex when he makes Hatsumi his “slave”. At first this just involves Hatsumi carrying around his bag, but he becomes jealous when his classmates and Azusa take an interest in Hatsumi. He promotes her to the status of “apprentice girlfriend” and plans on using her as his “goodbye virginity” practice toy. He is not above scheming and tricking Hatsumi into his carefully laid traps, in order to have his way with her.

Azusa Odagiri returned to his neighbourhood where he spent years as a child. His parents divorced when he was a child, his mother taking him overseas. Azusa was Hatsumi’s best friend as children and he always protected her from the fiend Ryoki. He returns as a famous model and immediately becomes romantically interested in Hatsumi, much to the dislike of Ryoki. Azusa has a kind heart and tries to prove his intentions towards Hatsumi is genuine, but it seems that Azusa has other, mysterious motivations for his return….

I would have had this particular post done a few hours earlier but I just had to read the entire series again. The readability of this manga series is ongoing because the story is quite enthralling. Enjoy!


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  1. Hmmm this manga seems promising from what you have said. I am always weary of girly manga though so we will have to see.

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