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Bride Of The Water God

Bride Of The Water God

***It’s official, Bride of The Water God is going to be continued to be published by Dark Horse. For all the info click here.***

Update: Vol 3 is out in May 2009 and Vol.4 in September 2009, here’s the latest by Darkhorse on their forums.

Plus, if you’re looking for some spoilers, click on the link to Soah.

This particular Korean comic (manhwa) is written by Mi-Kyung Yun, the publishers of this manhwa is Dark Horse. I recently purchased this but I was quite surprised about the size of it. It’s about an inch wider in height and length, it’s much more enjoyable to read as it’s not edited to size like most of the manga nowadays. The ongoing series is currently at the fifth volume in Japan, and at volume two in the English version respectively. Even if you don’t like the storyline, the artwork and detail is simply superb. Manhwa has a western style format where the reader reads from left to right unlike typical manga. Normally, I would read very little Korean manhwa comics as I find that the characters have a tendency to look androgynous. But Bride Of The Water God definitely breaks the conventional artistic mold. Granted a few of the male characters can be certainly be described as beautiful, but the lead female character is wholly feminine as well as the lead male character has masculine attributes bestowed upon him.

This story is set in a time when obviously sacrificing virtuous maidens to deities was still the norm. 🙂 Anyway, a young girl named Soah is chosen by her village to be the “Bride of the Water God” because severe drought is killing off everything that they rely on. Soah takes this decision with good grace, even while overhearing the relieved whispers of fellow villagers being glad that it isn’t their daughter going to die. She ends up in the Water God’s kingdom as he had decided to spare her life. The Water God turns out to be a young boy, Habaek, who seems to be mightily spoiled on first impression anyway.

When Soah was younger, a matchmaker told her of his prediction that she would have two loves in her lifetime. Introducing Mooee or Mui, ( I prefer the name Mui otherwise he sounds like a cow. 🙂 ) a young man who visits Soah in the Water Kingdom. Unknown to Soah, Mui is actually the form of Habaek at night, he’s confined to his child-like form during daylight hours. It seems as though that everyone is plotting against Soah and her marriage to Habaek. His mother, the Goddess of pain and destruction pays a visit to size up his new bride. Apparently, Habaek’s first bride Nakbin was the only woman he ever truly loved, but she died of an “illness”.

When one question is answered several more crop up, testing the patience of Soah. Personally I think that Soah has a few demons of her own. Her enquiry of how the Gods treat people who have deceived them, as well as labelling herself as a “fake bride”, claiming that “no one should ever know”. Soah definitely has a mysterious past haunting her, but the real question is, will it destroy her and Habaek?


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  1. […] from The Bride of the Water God is the water god, surprisingly enough. Soah was sacrificed by her village during times of drought, […]

  2. The artwork in this manga is beautiful, but the story reminds me a bit of Cupid and Psyche (though of course that’s probably a story archetype across cultures). I really loved it, and I’m hoping it won’t be too long- waiting for new chapters to come out is torture.

  3. @Drusilla I think this particular manwha really does rank among my faves. But, sadly judging by the releases so far, it seems that only a volume of it comes out each year. If only they could speed it up. 🙂

  4. Sorry to tune back in this late, but apparently Dark Horse has stopped bringing out translations of the manhwa- so that means there may be no more of it :(. It’s bad news I know, but this probably means we’ll have to turn to the scanlators now- at least someone’s translating, even if it’s not official.

  5. @ Blue Floppy Hat I vaguely recall reading a post on a forum about the releases of Bride of The Water God. Apparently, they “are” going to release the third volume during the year. But just to confirm this, I have just sent Dark Horse comics an e-mail, so I’ll post it up when I recieve a reply. 🙂

  6. When can I expect a scanellation for volume seven? When was volume six released?

  7. @The Astral Waterlily Since the series is ongoing, according to Wikipedia, I presume there will volumes after the six but it’s just in production at the moment. As for volume six, it was released in Korean on the 5th of August 2008.

  8. Any updates yet? I can’t wait to read the next volume, lol. Will someone please email me at bdorhamer@hotmail.com when volume 7 comes out? I’m really excited to read it!

  9. NOT FAIR I WANT TO READ MOOOOORRRREEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. @Jessica I know it’s torturous waiting for the next installment of BotWG. 😦 We all know that it WILL be worth the wait. 🙂

  11. i just bought this manga 3 days ago and coudlnt blve my eyes at the quality of the artwork! it really is excellent and the story line/plot is one of the best i’ve read. currently i only have vol. 1-5 owever based on the net, i was able to check out/read up to chapter 80 (dunno what vol. that is anymore…11 perhaps?) i am serioulsy addicted to it now and am wondering when can the books be purchased online as a whole collection?

    • Hi Jam,
      Dark Horse http://www.darkhorse.com are the English publishers of the series. When volume one and two were published the series was put on hiatus by Dark Horse. I even contacted Dark Horse about the release date of the third book and was told March or May of 2009. Currently I don’t know the status of the books published by Dark Horse but one thing is for sure, they have a lot of catching up to do.

      I’ve also made a new blog and I’ve imported all my posts from here, so please do feel free to pop over. http://www.klaragolez.com

      Hope this helped Jam.


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