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In Samurai Champloo, Jin is an honourable, ronin (masterless) samurai searching for his purpose. He wears a traditional kimono but modern day spectacles, another nod to the mixture of times between 1600’s Japan and the twenty first century. Even though the irony is that Jin doesn’t require spectacles, he wears them as a distinctive feature. As later in Samurai Champloo, a samurai who wears spectacles is being hunted but Jin was temporarily forced to pawn them by Fuu and Mugen for food money.

Jin is the polar opposite to Mugen, as Jin is very conservative in his speech and is quite courteous, even to Mugen at times. He happens to encounter Fuu and Mugen in the teahouse, after defeating the bodyguards protecting the Daikan, is the midst of Mugen obliterating the Daikan’s son’s henchmen. His fighting style is kenjutsu, which is martial arts with a katana sword. Compared to Mugen’s unpredictable fighting techniques, Jin’s movements are precise and refined with an unique aura of calm surrounding him.

Although most of his past is shrouded in mystery, it’s revealed that Jin had killed his former master Mariya Enshiro, but he is now being hunted down by his former fellow pupils of the dojo. It seems that Jin’s skill with a blade was far superior to those of the other pupils as he was unofficially chosen by Mariya Enshiro to become the master of the dojo after his death. The circumstances surrounding Jins “betrayal” to his master is that one night his master came into his room to kill Jin, but in self defence, Jin fatally injured Mariya. The reasons behind this shocking discovery is revealed in the penultimate episodes of Samurai Champloo. 

Song by Green Day, Boulevard Of Broken Dreams. Enjoy!   


2 Responses to “Jin”

  1. I love JIN

    • @Alioth I quite like Jin as a character but he keeps all of his thoughts inside. Personally, I think he had a thing for Fuu but saw that she liked Mugen more.

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