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As today is the fourteenth of February, Valentine’s Day, in commemoration I think that a post on Faye Valentine from the infamous Cowboy Bebop is in order.

This sassy female specimen appears a couple of times in the series before finally deciding upon the Bebop ship as her safe haven of sorts. Violet hair, green eyes, her bad attitude and cynicism towards everything and everyone sums up Faye in simple terms. For Faye her past is not only shrouded in mystery like Spike’s, but she has forgotten who she once was. She was born in the late twentieth century but was cryogenically frozen because of a space shuttle accident. It seems that Faye was frozen as the technology to repair the damage to her body was not invented yet. Suspended in this state for a period of fifty four years, she was awoken without her memory of her past. As all the files regarding her past were destroyed in the Gate Accident, the doctor who woke her up gives her the surname of Valentine. 

Upon her awakening, Faye was quite naive and unaware of the deceitful natures of people in this time, with this innocence she reminds me of Fuu from Samurai Champloo. Although Faye soon toughens up after she inherits a severe amount of debt by the man who allegedly loved her. She becomes a reckless gambler, even using underhanded tactics to win it big.

Faye’s lost memories deeply affect her but she hides her insecurities behind a facade by being obnoxious, arrogant and self-centred. It is through her experiences on the Bebop that she begins to think of it as a home, as she has no past, only her future. Jet seems to be the only member of the Bebop crew that sees through her annoying behaviour to the real Faye Valentine to some degree. While Edward is blissfully unaware as she tends to be in her own world most of the time anyway. Faye’s relationship with Spike is a source of consternation for a lot fans of Cowboy Bebop. The reason this relationship with Spike doesn’t progress is because she reminds him too much of Julia. His unflinching grip on the past destroys any chance of a meaningful bond with Faye. At the climax of Cowboy Bebop, Faye confronts Spike over his obsession with his past, as throughout the series Spike claimed that if she couldn’t remember her past, then it wasn’t important as she has a future. He reminds her in a serious tone that only one of his eyes can see the present and that the other one can see the past, basically a hint to Faye that Spike has no future.

The discovery of an old videotaped recording of Faye in her youth is eventually sent to the Bebop ship, after floating around the universe for the best part of fifty odd years. Needless to say, Spike’s and Jet’s shock was immense while viewing the video. Faye refused to pay delivery charges and so Jet forbade her from watching it with them. I genuinely think Spike was surprised that Faye’s claim that she was cryogenically frozen turns out to be true. 

If there is anything I would recommend, it’s to view this particular video. It’s just so accurate, as well as the timing to the lyrics is perfect. All that sums up Faye Valentine set to the song Drops Of Jupiter by Train. Don’t worry the music kicks in at around the ten second mark. 🙂


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  1. ..faye is hot because the original faye is really hot and I’m the original.. sssHHhhhh…

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