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Jet Black or “Black Dog” is by far the most responsible crew member aboard the Cowboy Bebop. This is glaringly obvious by the fact that Jet owns and “captains” the Bebop ship, as none of the other characters have even two pennies to rub together. Usually though he unsucessfully hides the emergency stash of money in the pot of a bonsai tree to prevent Faye and Spike from getting their hands on it. Jet believes himself to be a refined man regardless of appearances. He has an appreciation of jazz music as well as cultivating delicate bonsai trees.

It seems that with every character of Cowboy Bebop there lies a dark past and Jet is no different. As a former law enforcer with the ISSP (Intra Solar Police System), he resigned due to the corruption within the ranks and the loss of his left arm in a botched police operation. Unknown to Jet at the time, his partner in the police was a corrupted officer, as the accident in which Jet lost his arm was a set-up. Jet had the option of a biological transplant arm but had the limb replaced with a cybernetic one as he wanted a constant reminder to his past. After leaving the ISSP, Jet became a freelance bounty hunter or “cowboy”. 

Later on in the series, it’s revealed that Jet had a relationship with a woman called Alicia who left him as he was too possessive and controlling. Her current boyfriend has a bounty on his head, which then places Jet in the similar position of Vicious by being forced to kill the woman he loved and her current lover.

In Cowboy Bebop, Jet is regarded as the father figure to crew members. It seems that he has a soft side towards misfortunate people so ends up “adopting” them onto the Bebop. The result of Jet’s benevolence is a crew formed with quite an interesting mix of personalities. A loner guy who has ties with organised crime, a violet haired vixen with a nasty attitude and a young girl who’s a hacking genius who calls herself Edward. Jet seems to be Spike’s contrast character throughout Cowboy Bebop. Jet is always searching and eventually faces the demons from his past and overcomes them, but when Spike finally decides to stop running from the past, he fails. In the case of Faye, Jet is quite intuitive about her. He seems to be the only person on the Bebop crew that sees through Faye’s arrogance and bravado. This is especially noticeable in episode fifteen called My Funny Valentine. Jet’s relationship with Edward…well I think that Edward is in her own world most of the time. 🙂

Also when Jet converted the Bebop which was a simple fishing vessel, he customised by adding larger engines to it, transforming into the illustrious trademark of the Cowboy Bebop series. 

I couldn’t find any videos specifically with Jet in it so here’s a general video of the Bebop crew.


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