From Here to There to Japan One Day



Otherwise known as “Radical Edward” or Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV in Cowboy Bebop. This young girl was an orphan living on the planet Earth until she decided to hack into the Bebop’s mainframe and take control of it. Her initial appearance in Cowboy Bebop series, shows her to be in her own world most of the time. Edward prefers to stroll, tumble or jump around rather than conventional walking, as well as referring to herself in the third person, she’s seems to be a bubbly character as a constant source of comedy. 

Edward’s past is unveiled in one of the later episodes of Cowboy Bebop. It seems that Edward’s father is still alive but he left her behind on day and forgot all about her. His occupation is that of a cartographer on the planet Earth, which is kind of unusal as the Earth’s surface is changed every few days by meteorite showers. His passion for his work overtook the needs of Edward as he regularly forgot about her. Plus, Edward’s real name isn’t Edward it is Francoise. 

At first, Edward hijacks the Bebop in order to blackmail them to allow her on board. To Edward, Faye is like a sister to her, especially when Faye gives her an extremely overdone makeover. Her relationship with Jet is somewhat both fatherly and brotherly as Jet tries his best not only for her but for everyone. Spike only seems to tolerate Edward at times, due to her technical prowess at hacking. Edward leaves the Bebop crew in the twenty fourth episode called “Hark Luck Woman”. She leaves unknown to Spike and Jet, taking Ein the data dog with her. If it wasn’t for Edward in Cowboy Bebop, the ability of apprehending the bounties would be a lot more exasperating for the crew.

A video of Edward set to the main theme of Cowboy Bebop called Tank performed by the Seatbelts. I love the part when she has the last bit of food, a peanut, on board the Bebop. 🙂     


2 Responses to “Edward”

  1. ed is ed!!!!! i’m in love. is that wrong? dosen’t matter!

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