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Tramps Like Us


Also goes by the name of Kimi Wa Pet. This fourteen volume manga series is created by Yayoi Ogawa and is published by Tokyopop in English. The entire series is complete as the final English volume was released recently. 😀

The title of this particular manga series is a bit off putting and intriguing at the same time. I quite enjoy it though, it’s a bit different but it story vaguely reminds me of the storyline for Hot Gimmick. The whole master/slave relationship has become master/pet in Tramps Like Us. Unfortunately there is no anime series to compliment this manga, there is a “live action” drama series. What is a live action drama series? Actual people acting out the storyline of a manga, I have yet to bring myself to watch a single one yet.

This particular storyline is about a young female journalist, Sumire Iwaya, who’s long time boyfriend recently dumped her because he was having an affair. He claimed that she was career driven rather than focussing on their relationship. Sumire becomes depressed but one evening she stumbles across a young, injured homeless man. She jokes that he can stay with her if he becomes her pet, but the young man immediately agrees. Sumire nicknames the young man Momo after a dog she had when she was a child. He promises that he will do anything for her but she refuses him for the three reasons. Sumire wants a man with a higher height, higher pay and higher education. It’s discovered later on that Sumire’s high standards is because of her former boyfriend. He was shorter than her and had a lower education, yet she was still betrayed by him.

Momo’s true name is Takeshi Gouda, who is an acclaimed dancer but he was too short to progress very far in ballet so has changed tack towards modern dance. This change has led to him leading a homeless life of sorts but his saviour is Sumire. He seems to accept Sumire’s treatment of him as a pet for her own sake rather than his. His persona of “Momo The Pet” gives Sumire the opportunity to vent her frustration and pressures on him. Although as the series progresses, Momo tries to change Sumire’s view of him as a pet to an actual man. Of course his efforts are hindered when Sumire’s former college friend starts to work with her. 🙂

I really like Tramps Like Us, even though at times it can become repetitive. The relationship between Sumire and Momo just does for me. Sumire is totally unaware of “Momo’s” true self, using him as an outlet for her emotions. On the other hand Momo is satisfied to please Sumire in nearly every way that he can, truly like her pet. Another gem of a manga discovered by chance.


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