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Cowboy Bebop Movie


I would have had this particular post written sooner, but to be honest I had to refresh this movie in mind. As I finished my exams for the moment, I decided to buy this movie as a reward to myself. 🙂 A little pampering every now and then, won’t hurt me. Especially since I have finished my exams (for now), I can look forward to attending to the Irish Blog Awards this weekend.

Anyway, Cowboy Bebop: The Movie is also known as Cowboy Bebop: Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door. This feature length anime is set around the ending of the series, before they part company. Obviously since this is the feature length movie, the animation is top quality. This is especially prominent during the spaceship chase near the end of the movie.

The opening of the movie introduces the characters and the concept of being a bounty hunter or a “cowboy”. As usual, Spike’s introduction is action filled as he tags along with Jet on a relatively cheap bounty. But Cowboy Bebop: The Movie focuses on bio-terrorism with the bounty being the sum of three hundred million woolongs. A truck tanker filled with this bio-chemical is exploded on a busy highway. Faye witnesses this incident, identifying a suspect who we later learn turns out a be a man called Vincent Volaju. But honestly without Edward, the Bebop crew wouldn’t have very much because her elite hacking skills help them out a lot more than they might care to admit.

Vincent was a former soldier on the planet Titan, but the war was a cover in order to carry out biological experiments on the soldiers. He is the sole survivor the experiments but because of them he lost his memory. Vincent believes himself to be living in a dream, which is a parallel to Spike’s attitude throughout the series of Cowboy Bebop. His plans for infecting the entire planet makes sense in his own mind.

Another character called Electra Ovilo is introduced, who has a mysterious past intertwined with Vincent’s. It seems that she is also a survivor of the Titan experiments. Vincent gave her the vaccine to the “bio-weapon”, so she too is immune to its effects.

One of my favourite scenes in this movie is Spike’s fight with Vincent on the train and Spike’s brush fight with Electra. Spike gets his ass royally served to him by Vincent, which I think is kinda fair that sometimes the good guys don’t always win but they can come back another day.

This video is set to Johnny Cash’s song, God’s Gonna Cut You Down. It’s a really well timed video, but in the movie there is more colour than what is shown in the video. I presume it’s dark to set a tone to the video. Enjoy! 🙂

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