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Irish Blog Awards

My adventure officially started when I saw a one legged crow hopping around on the morning of the Blog Awards. Upon finally reaching Dublin by train at 10.20, I just wanted breakfast. I ended up dragging my siblings around to every single bookshop I could in an effort to go manga hunting. 🙂 I purchased volumes four, five and thirteen of Tramps Like Us/Kimi Wa Pet, which is published by Tokyopop. To my surprise I managed to pick up the first volume of Bride Of The Water God, published by Dark Horse Comics, but I was quite surprised at its size. The pages of Bride Of The Water God was slightly wider by about an inch in height and width across it. I much prefer this style of book publishing as it is not edited and cut to a smaller size.

The Irish Blog Awards 2008 was held in the Alexander Hotel on March 1st. My fantastic sister Alexia, booked rooms in the hotel, as a surprise, which were simply luxurious if I must say so myself. We checked in at lunchtime but by then I had a full fledged migraine, which had been brewing all day. Panned out on the bouncy king size mattress, yay, I calmed my head my reading my manga. Migraine had subsided a bit but I took a power nap for a half hour, it felt like I had a whole night’s sleep! 🙂

The night of the Awards was simply fantastic! I had the honour to meet Damien, Jonathan, Steven, Marcus and Paul. Here’s a link to the official Irish Blog Awards website. I felt a bit like Cinderella on the night as I left to go to sleep at midnight. I was just simply plum tuckered out as a lot of other bloggers were able to party on down, well into the wee hours. 🙂

But if wasn’t for Damien’s hard work, there wouldn’t be an Irish Blog Awards Event. The Irish blogging community has a sense of unity amongst them because of the efforts of people working behind the scenes to make it happen. Without this sense of unity, the Irish blogging community would definitely not have the support base and structure, that it certainly has now.

My sister also recorded a video of me and my experiences of the Irish Blog Awards, the day after on the train home. At the moment it’s not uploaded, but hopefully over the next few days it will be posted. 🙂


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