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Gunslinger Girl

“The girl has a mechanical body. However, she still is an adolescent child.”

This series is written by Yu Aida and is published in English by ADV Manga. Currently there are six volumes of this manga series published into English. In Japan, Gunslinger Girl is at the nine volume mark and is still going strong as a manga. From this manga sprung two seasons of the gun toting sweethearts. The first anime series is beautifully rendered by Madhouse Studios, but the second season called Gunslinger Girl II Teatrino is animated by Artland, but the style of animation didn’t have a smooth transition.

This particular story is set in modern day Italy and it’s about young female assassins who work for the Social Welfare Agency. These young girls are part of covert operations involving anti-terrorism. The majority of the girls seem to have a traumatic past behind them but because of their “conditioning” when joining the Social Welfare Agency, all their memories were obliterated. Also, they have cybernetic bodies so that if they sustain an injury while on assignment, they can easily have their “parts replaced” to some degree. On the downside to their enhanced bodies they still are mostly human. In order for these young assassins to be under the complete control of the Social Welfare Agency, each girl is assigned a handler called a Fratello. It is the assassin’s duty to have unshakable allegiance and loyalty to their Fratello. The Fratello must maintain the level of conditioning and treat them however they see fit, whether it be with compassion or corporal punishment.

Although there are several assassins within the agency, Henreitta is the girl whom the series mostly focuses upon. Henreitta is the latest girl to join the ranks of the Agency. She was the only survivor of her family as they were killed around her. Her Fratello is called Jose and he seems to be the most kind and compassionate of all the handlers at the Agency. The opening episode of Gunslinger Girl is mostly about Henrietta, when she loses her temper. She seems to have a deep emotional attachment to him because of his treatment of her. It’s also speculated that she loses control as she begins to have romantic feelings towards him. I also think that it is quite ironic that Henrietta is bathed in sunlight while Jose is cloaked in shadow when they first meet.

Here is the official trailer to Gunslinger Girl so if you haven’t read the post above, it gives you the premise to the story.



2 Responses to “Gunslinger Girl”

  1. Oh I JUST watched the first episode yesterday! Such good timing there now Klara, I really want to watch the rest because the first ep was really good.

  2. @Zaniac Gunslinger Girl is really good! If you haven’t seen the second episode yet, you might think that’s just a recap of the first one and can be offputting. Stick with it, the latter half of it is quite good. The rest of the first series just gets better from then on. 🙂

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