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Black Lagoon


“Black Lagoon is a delivery company, who just happen to brush against the law from time to time.” 

That’s the motto for the crew of the Black Lagoon, which is very befitting if you have ever seen this anime series or read the manga. The manga is at volume seven in Japan and the English releases are due to start in August of this year. The anime is divided into two seasons spanning a total of twenty four episodes. The first series is simply entitled “Black Lagoon” contains the first twelve episodes and “Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage” contains episodes thirteen to twenty four. I like the way that the anime is made in such a way that there is a sense of continuity, they pick up where they left off previously. On the downside, I think that dedicating the last six episodes of Black Lagoon around one job was a bit too long. Plus, they just announced that there are plans for a third season of Black Lagoon. Also, I would rate this anime in the 18+ simply for the violence and the very, very colourful language, usually by Revy. Action packed anime, usually because of Revy’s gunfights. 🙂 I’m also going to include a video of the ending theme for Black Lagoon as I think it’s the most haunting theme tune above even Elfen Lied, and that’s really something.

This is the story of Rokuro Okajima or Rock as he is known as throughout the remainder of Black Lagoon. He was an ordinary worker for a big company in Japan, who unfortunately was chosen to deliver a disk containing sensitive information. The ship that he is on becomes hijacked by the Black Lagoon crew but the situation worsens when the company he works for abandons him. Eventually Rock is invited to join the Black Lagoon by Revy, much to his surprise. Rock is courteous, polite and habitual to the extent that he still wears a business shirt with a tie even though he works on the Black Lagoon. Although Rock is not as dark as his fellow crew members, he is described as twilight. Neither good nor evil, but straddling the fence, using tactical words as weapons rather than guns. Even Dutch, the captain of the Black Lagoon says the crew is complete with Rock especially because he refuses to use a gun. It brings more balance to the vicousness of Revy and Dutch and the coldness of Benny.

Now this girl has several ways of spelling her nickname so here are all of them; Revy, Revi, Levi, Levy but her real name is Rebecca. Also known as “Two Hands” as she is not only extremely proficient with her gunmanship, sh is also ambidextrous. The name of this series shouldn’t be Black Lagoon, it should be Revy and Black Lagoon. This ass kicking, chain smoking, gun toting girl is really a girl that you don’t want to get on the bad side of. Revy is a Chinese American but it seems that she has had a difficult childhood. Throughout the series of Black Lagoon snippets of Revy’s traumatic past are revealed, which can help us to understand why she’s vicious and unforgiving. It seems that when Revy fights a particularly difficult battle, a snapshot seagull may be seen flying overhead for a moment. In a flashback to her childhood, Revy shot a man through a pillow and the feathers scattered everywhere. This is perhaps a reference that she can never escape from her past. Revy is unpredictable, violent and just plain likes killing for fun. Personally I think that she is even more psychotic than Lucy from Elfen Lied, simply because Revy doesn’t have a split personality, it’s all her. That’s why Revy is such a likable psycho. 🙂 

Dutch is an African-American who is the captain of the Black Lagoon and is a former soldier in the Vietnam War, but not much is ever mentioned about Dutch’s past. He’s rarely seen engaged in battle, usually Revy and her trusty guns are  dispatched to deal with annoyances. He is usually seen piloting the Black Lagoon and organising deliveries, especially with Hotel Moscow the organised crime syndicate in Roanapur. Although, Dutch seems to be as nearly as ruthless as Revy, he isn’t afraid to disicpline her, even though at one stage they end up pointing their guns at each other.

Benny is the electronics handyman and getaway driver aboard the Black Lagoon. We find out out that he was a former student of Florida University until he got into trouble with the mafia and the C.I.A. Revy’s generous spirit once again flourished as she was the person who rescued Benny and brought him to the Black Lagoon. Although Benny and Rock are the more peaceful members of the crew, I think that Benny is somewhat cruel. This observation is especially true when it comes to the case of the young twin assassins Hansel and Gretel. Benny confesses to Rock that if you ignore it then you don’t have to be concerned, only concentrating on the here and now rather than something that is out of your power. 


It’s official, there’s gonna be a third season of the ass kicking crew from Black Lagoon. 🙂 (16/July/2008)

I know that this video kinda concentrates on Revy but it’s one of the best I could find trawling through them. The song is the actual opening theme tune to Black Lagoon. It’s called Red Fraction and is performed by MELL. 

The most haunting theme tune I have ever had the chills to listen to. It rates even above the Latin opening of Elfen Lied, a series which is mind numbingly scarring. It’s called Don’t Look behind performed by Edison.


2 Responses to “Black Lagoon”

  1. Fantastic anime, and the opening song is among my favorites.

  2. @Kharyon It’s great anime, I wonder what direction the third series will go. It simply has to delve into the past of Revy since she just makes this anime wholly entertaining. 🙂

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