From Here to There to Japan One Day

Meebo Network


I’ve come to realisation that a lot of meebo rooms are very much like cliques. In one particular room myself and a few guests had the pleasure of being completely blanked. It seems that if you are not a member or if you are new to the whole meebo thing like myself, then you don’t deserve an acknowledgment. Perhaps I was a bit gullible in thinking that a small bit of courtesy exists on the global internet highway. Granted this was my experience in only one room and I eventually found my way to room with users with manners. But I can’t seem to shake the experience of their elitism, each to their own I suppose. But I can whole heartedly say without any doubts in my mind that the meebo room below is exclusively for anime and manga.

Anyway I played around with the mechanics of a meebo room I created as a test, but I can’t seem to delete it. So I have two rooms in which one of them is a test. 😛 To get to the proper klaraflame room the link is here.


See you there! 🙂


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