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***Spoiler at the end of the article.***

This is an American manga so the reader has to revert to the typical form of western style reading of left to right. Normally I think that American manga has room for improvement but M. Alice LeGrow has definitely has her finger on the pulse of American manga, especially with this dark and macabre tale.
This particular manga is published by Tokyopop, it is six volumes in total,
of which only five are published at the moment.

A brilliantly animated manga but don’t expect a happy ending for each chapter as the majority of them are bittersweet.

The town of Bizenghast seems to have a rather dark twisted past, witha myriad of mysterious deaths involving accidents, fires and unexplained disappearances….

Dinah is a young girl who lives with her aunt in the town of Bizenghast as her parents perished in a car accident. She seems to have nightmares to the extent where she claims she can see ghosts, who physically harm her. Her only companion is a boy called Vincent, who regularly ends up sneaking Dinah out of her Aunt’s house. These two end up stumbling across the fabled second graveyard of Bizenghast in the middle of a forest.
Unfortunately, Dinah ends up signing the contract for the Mausoleum. Dinah becomes the person responsible, with the help of Vincent, for releasing the sixty tortured souls who currently dwell in the Mausoleum. Otherwise, Dinah will be killed and become one of the cleaners (a spider/bug/humanoid entity) for the Mausoleum. But if she gets killed in the course of trying to solve each riddle for each spirit, that’s her own problem…

Below is a concept courtesy of Tokyopop. Bizenghast is one of the few manga’s that Tokyopop have created an “animated” manga to. Well, here’s the explanation, this is the actual images from the manga, with voice overs and some colour added. Personally, I prefer the paper format of Bizenghast, plus please don’t be deterred by misplaced voice over for Vincent.

***Spoiler***  Well, I’m presuming by now, you’re absolutely going nuts when you see Vincent’s death at the end of the fourth volume. Vincent’s death is inglamourous and it’s just a couple of pages then poof, Vincent’s dead. He gets a ship’s hook/pin stabbed through his chest and dies, but his death is the catalyst for an even more dangerous spirit’s release from the Mausoleum. Dinah’s depression and mental state worsens but she trudges on taking up Vincent’s research of Bizenghast and the mysterious Addie Clark…


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