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Absolute Boyfriend

This particular manga is also known as Zetta Kareshi and it’s one of the gems of the Viz Media catalogue. Absolute Boyfriend is a sweet six volume series created by Yuu Watase, who also masterminded Fushigi Yugi. It really is a sweet story, it kinda reminds me of Tramps Like Us as the premise behind Absolute Boyfriend may cause a person to cringe. But, unfortunately no anime to compliment this manga. A television drama series has started airing in Japan from 15th of April on Fuji TV. But I still have an intense dislike of these drama serialisations.

Riiko Izawa is a young teenage girl who has a new crush every week, giving her a reputation. After confessing to another one of her crushes she’s turned down once again. But, after receiving a website address from a mysterious cosplaying guy, she ends up creating a make believe lover online as a joke……….

The next day she finds an extremely large package delivered in her name. Totally unfazed with the discovery of the fact that she actually ordered a lover, Riiko activates her lover with a kiss.bShe’s also not very creative with his name, she calls him Night and he’s part of the Nightly Lover series. Upon first meeting Riiko, Night is more than happy to show her why he’s called a Nightly Lover. Much to Riiko’s surprise she’s informed by Night’s company called Kronos Heaven, that if Night is discovered to be an android by anyone, she has to foot his very expensive bill. Night is allowed to stay with Riiko on the condition that she teaches him what makes girls happy.

As Riiko lives alone in an apartment, her only companionship before Night, is her neighbour and childhood friend, Soshi Asamoto with his younger brother. Riiko and Soshi were childhood friends with Soshi having a secret crush on the clueless Riiko. He fears rejection and so adopts the role of being her minder of sorts as he usually cooks for her. Obviously, Soshi becomes very suspicious of Night’s presence with Riiko.

The ensuing love triangle becomes complicated as both Night and Soshi’s rivalry increases over Riiko’s affection, with hilarous results. As always, drama sprinkled with comedy like a  doughnut, plus all sweet on the inside. 🙂


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