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***Update: Bride Of The Water God is going to be continued to be published by Dark Horse. For all the info click here.***

Soah is a young girl who is the female protagonist in Bride Of The Water God. As her village is in times of severe drought, it was decided that she would be sacrificed to appease Habaek, the Water God in order to bring prosperity back to the village. Surprised that she wasn’t actually drowned in the whirlpool, she finds herself in the mysterious land of Suguk, where the Gods live.

After meeting a young boy Habaek called who completely ignores her, Soah is shocked to find out that this young boy is her husband. He cordially insults Soah calling her manly. Fast forward a tiny bit and Soah literally crashs into a mysterious man who calls himself Mooee or Mui, who turns out to be Habaek’s form at night. It seems that Habaek has a curse placed upon him, forcing him to take the form of a child during the day and revert to his adult form at night but Soah doesn’t find out Habaek’s secret umtil later when someone reveals it to her.

The ending of first volume of Bride of The Water God, with Habaek’s mother visiting scoping out her sons choice of bride ends without much excitement but the second volume delves deeper into the intrigue.

In the second volume, Soah question’s another girl  Yohee, who lives amongst the Gods, about the consequences for deceiving a God. After being told that a person’s soul would be torn to pieces, Soah becomes introspective, thinking about her fate if her secret is discovered that she is a phony or fake bride. Well, I try to think back to the very first volume and if you think about it you might figure out why Soah is a fake bride. Soah sacrificed herself because it was originally her little sister that was going to be Habaek’s bride. As an act of selflessness and love for her sister, Soah took her place. That’s what I’m predicting at the moment anyway. 🙂

But the conflict really heats up in the third volume, so here’s some spoilers to keep you ticking over. 🙂

Nakbin, Habaek’s first wife makes an appearance but it turns out that this it is the Emperor in disguise. Soah becomes extremely upset with her situation while taking a bath and she screams in her mind, wishing for someone, anyone to help her. Mui appears and with the claim, “I came when you called me”, suggesting that Habaek has some telepathy. But Soah becomes more distressed with the fact that she was taking a bath when Mui barged in. Mui becomes very amorous and forces Soah to bed, she vehemently refuses and when Mui sees tears in her eyes, he decides to send her back home because she was very distressed. When Soah was sent home, all her memories of her time in Suguk with the Gods is erased. Upon returning to the village, I think Soah’s father tries to sell her but somehow Mui manages to stop this. The villagers also take Soah’s return as a bad omen. There’s an older brother figure who has romantic inclinations towards Soah but she refuses his first marriage proposal. Mui ends up meeting Soah and he tells her that he’s looking for his wife and of course she tells him good luck with that…:)

I’m not going to give anymore away, because that’s no fun. 🙂


9 Responses to “Soah”

  1. […] from The Bride of the Water God is the water god, surprisingly enough. Soah was sacrificed by her village during times of drought, in order to appease Habaek. When we first […]

  2. Can anyone tell me where to find the second book and so forth? Its been over two years since I’ve read the first book and I still have not seen any others after that. Are they not going to be translated or sold in Englishto the US?

  3. @Deblazes I wrote to Dark Horse in another post and they said that they WILL publish number three and four in the series. As for the place to buy it, I’ll send you an email. 🙂

  4. Is there any more information, hints or clues as to why Soah considers herself as a fake bride?

  5. @the Astral Waterlily I wrote my suspicions about Soah’s “fake bride” thing in the post above.

  6. Come ON!!!!! tell me what els happens!!!!! when does the third one come to Canada!!

  7. @kat The third volume is out in May2009 and the fourth is out in September 2009. The reason for the massive hold up was because a lack of a translator. Only a few more months to go… 🙂

  8. I’m sorry, I can’t stand it anymore. Even though I truly love this manga and the artwork is some of the best I have ever seen, WILL SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME AS MANY DETAILS POSSIBLE ABOUT VOLUMES 2 AND UP?? I’m set on purchasing the published manhwaa whenever they are finally released, but please, someone, anyone, spoil this for me PLEASE!!!

  9. @delazes If you want to purchase vol 2, they have it on tfaw.com. Otherwise the only spoilers I know of are above but that’s all so far. 😦

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