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***Update. Bride Of The Water God will be continued to be published by Dark Horse. For all the info click here.***
Habaek from The Bride of the Water God is the water god, surprisingly enough. 🙂 Soah was sacrificed by her village during times of drought, in order to appease Habaek. When we first find out that Habaek is a “child” there is the hesitant wonder of this manwha having a shotacon factor, but Habaek is cursed. The surroundings of the curse are somewhat unknown, but he is cursed. Plus when we first meet him, he is a bit insulting towards Soah. “Thanks. Your a lot manlier than I am-and handsome as well,” is one of Habaek’s first comment to Soah.

Habaek’s mother is a delightful person called Seowangmo, the Goddess of Punishment and Torture. 🙂 During the second volume of Bride of the Water God, Soah is unaware that Habaek and Mui are the same person. In doing so Soah declares to Habaek in his adult form (Mui) that Habaek is deeply in love with her and will do anything for her. Needless to say he gets a chuckle or so from this declaration as he just usually insults in his child-like form more than anything else. 🙂 But when Habaek is advised by Seowangmo to send Soah back he reveals to her a confession. He had previously thought that is would be easy return Soah but he has fallen deeply in love with her. Seowangmo thinks to herself that Soah’s influence on Habaek has really changed him.

Of course, Soah was not Habaek’s first bride, but the fates of the brides before Soah worries her to a degree. Habaek’s first bride was Nakbin and her fate seems to be shrouded by mystery. Habaek calls out her name in his dreams, which obviously distresses Soah. How can Soah compete against a woman that she has not only never met, but a woman who was Habaek’s first wife?

Plus, if you are searching for spoilers, click on the link to Soah for ones I have so far trawled the web and found. 🙂


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