From Here to There to Japan One Day


Finally…I’ve finished all my exams! Construction Studies was the very last thing, which only finished up a couple of hours ago. But today, about two hours into the exam I was starving. Spacing out and reading the questions several times failed to distract my thoughts of gastronomical delights. Usually a bottle of cola and a chocolate bar were my must haves for each exam. No chocolate bar today though…much to my embarrassment. I gave out quite an unladylike burp during the silence of the exam hall. I would compare it to a burp from a after drinking a fizzy drink. Of course, in my situation in the exam hall, all the guys sitting around me heard my moment of unpredictability. What else could I do but laugh at my stellar timing for the inappropriate.

There will anime and manga posts soon, I just need to summon up the time for them. I’m doing my research at the moment. 🙂



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