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Tsumami kanzashi


I thought it was time for a cultural post, as I’ve woefully neglected it thus far. Even more surprising it’s somewhat a fashion post. Normally I’m a t-shirt and jeans kinda girl, just throw it on and hope it lands right. But every once in a while a dim glimmer of interest in fashion switches on. First of all credit to Blue Floppy Hat, as I’m now very much a fan of the art of tsumami-kanzashi.

But what is a kanzashi? It’s hairpieces which are used in the traditional hairstyles by brides or people working in the traditional arts in Japan, e.g. geisha and Japanese tea ceremony traditions. They can be made from a variety of materials such as lacquered wood, gold and silver plated metal, tortoiseshell and silk. It’s also thought that kanzashi may have been used for defensive purposes, which is understandable judging from the fork-like features, if one found themselves to be in an unfavourable situation.

Pure simplistic beauty.


3 Responses to “Tsumami kanzashi”

  1. Hey, I didn’t know about possible uses of kanzashi as weapons, this is definitely new to me!
    PS: I’m glad you liked my post, kanzashi are unbelievably beautiful and top of my shopping list (besides manga) if I ever head to Japan:)

  2. I’m really glad this is starting to really spread and I’m glad you wrote this post. I was about to write an article myself.

  3. It’s new to also that kanzashis could have been used as weapons… Maybe I should start doing some with that purpose, ahahahah

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