From Here to There to Japan One Day


This post is going to incorporate a couple of aspects of change which is needed in the Japanimation industry. It is somewhat a follow on from the post Accessibilty. Now I said that the industry needs to change, it needs to become mainstream. As far back as I can remember, I don’t think that I’ve ever seen a TV ad for anime, except about six years ago when the first batch of Pokemon movies were released.

Where are the anime commercials?!?

Once again, I’m referring to the fact that once again one has to be “introduced” into the experience of anime and manga. Simply not enough is being done. For example, now the release of Ouran High School Host Club ( and yes, I’m going to keep on about it as I’m in anticipation!) is due in October. There is a prime time to advertise this product on certain channels at certain times. For instance, today on Jetix (formerly Fox Kids) the UK schedule for this evening has Shaman King and Naruto and a little later on, the kinda looks anime series Totally Spies. Car insurance and credit card commercials dominate the children’s channels, never to mention that in September the increasing number toy ad’s for Christmas start.

I must admit I’m in the dark if the U.S. has commercials for the new and upcoming anime releases, but one thing is for sure, the companies are certainly not maximising the potential of increasing it’s European customers.

Change of another kind now. I managed to scrape together fifty euros in change that was just lying around in my room. Under the bed, beside the TV, on the cabinet, heck even some in my jeans. Now my fifty euro note is going into my piggy for the aforementioned box set which I’m nearly bursting to buy.

Now go and clean you room, move some of your furniture around, check the pockets of your winter jackets. Find the coin change and splash out on a manga or anime, keep supporting the industry or it WILL go belly up and what entertainment will we have then? I’m guessing very little.


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