From Here to There to Japan One Day


I wrote a post a while back called Accessibility, regaling my tales of how I was introduced into anime originally. My first manga that I ever read was Samurai Deeper Kyo and because I was interested I started to collect them. I reached the fifteenth volume when I checked out Samurai Deeper Kyo out on the net. Unfortunately, I found out that Samurai Deeper Kyo is a long, epic series lasting around thirty eight volumes. Too epic for my liking if it lasted that long. I then discovered Fruits Basket which is also an epic series lasting twenty three volumes, but I don’t mind that as much. From there I just branched out looking for other manga’s to read. 

Anyway, now you know how I discovered anime and manga, but I wonder what was your experience? How did you stumble across this love of Japanese animation?


2 Responses to “Experience”

  1. If I recall correctly, the the first anime that I saw was Maison Ikkoku in the late 80s. I was small kid back then, so I deduced that it was that anime by analyzing the images from the memory. I just saw one episode accidentally.

    I saw another episode of an anime I can’t recognize now in the late 80s. It involved some woman with long black hair and traditional Japanese clothes. I think she looked kind of like Jigoku Shoujo. She was a witch probably. I can’t recall everything, but remember that there was a scene in a room and a forest. It is very vague, but the main memory I have about that anime is that it was scary lol

    The first anime that I watched in its entirety and can recall very well is Totoro. I watched it soon after it came out and I really enjoyed it 🙂

    In the 90s I watched Sailor Moon and other major anime works. One series that was quite different from others involved a blond girl with short hair that traveled in Europe. I can’t recall the name of that show now.

    Probably, I consumed the most anime at the start of the new millennium. In a couple of years I covered most important works,. then I took a break for a few years to finish college 😛 Now I am kind of back, but don’t watch as much anime as I used to because very few titles can keep my interest now.

  2. @Kitsune Now that I think back on it myself, I was a Sailor Moon fan too but I started watching the series when it was at the very end, so I understood very little. 🙂
    I know it can be difficult nowadays rooting out the stuff that’s not so great amongst the possible gems which can be easily overlooked.

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