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Escaflowne: The Movie

Escaflowne Movie

“Just fade away.”-Hitomi

The movie version of Escaflowne is a lot more darker and mature than it’s series counterpart, The Vision of Escaflowne. Although there are a very obvious differences between the series and the movie and even larger in comparison between the movie and the manga. I rate Escaflowne:The Movie as being more directed towards an older audience as it briefly deals with the topic of contemplating suicide. I thought the movie would possibly be a sequel with Hitomi having to return to Gaia to “fight” against a new threat, but it is a more violent re-telling of the same basic storyline.

The opening of the movie is tension-filled especially with a “mysterious” person slaughtering all the guards on board an air-ship. Meanwhile back on Earth, Hitomi Kanzaki is depressed and fed up with the world around her. Her greatest wish during her time of teenage angst is to simply disappear. She wonders if she affects the world in any way, questioning her own existence. Hitomi is magically transported to the world of Gaia but a war rages across the land. Discovered by travelling rebels, they believe Hitomi is the fabled “Wing Goddess”, as she is able to summon the dragon armour (Escaflowne) at will. Of course, we see all of our favourite characters in the rag-tag bunch of rebels, but I must admit I miss Van in his red tunic. 😦

Here are some of the differences between the series version and the movie. Hitomi is very depressed and that is how she makes her way to Gaia. The suits of dragon armour (guymelefs) are rare and the take blood as a form of powering them. Plus members of the dragon/royal bloodline have powers similar to telekinesis.

Overall, Escaflowne: The Movie is much darker very violent and bloody. Not recommended for little kiddies, I think it would be 15+. Still really good though especially the songs by Yoko Kanno.

Now here’s Escaflowne with Path by Apocalyptica, there’s no voices on it either, just the music. Really awesome vid, it has really great timing to it. Enjoy 🙂


3 Responses to “Escaflowne: The Movie”

  1. Escaflowne is a nice anime. I especially liked character designs and Yoko Kanno’s music 🙂

    Ah, that is a very good AMV 🙂

  2. @Kitsune It takes ages rooting through loads of vids before the real gems like the Escaflowne AMV. 🙂

  3. Indeed, it takes a long ti me to find good AMVs. Over the years I found about 50 decent AMVs and, probably, around 10 that are the best. I posted those AMVs on my blog, but some of them got deleted from the YouTube.

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