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Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran group

“Poor people have no time to grind their coffee beans! Just pour hot water in! It’s how common folk cope…”

*Update: FUNimation are now the first few episode of Ouran in English on their website!

Comedy, what we need is more comedy anime such as Ouran High School Host Club (also known as Ouran Koukou Host Bu). Although Fruits Basket (Furuba) is infamous for starting to pave the way for anime and manga to become more mainstream, I think it’s the job of Ouran to continue this. I would rank this anime above in my top five anime(not including feature-length anime’s such as Howl’s Moving Castle or Spirited Away.) But if you liked the romance in Howl’s Moving Castle, I give you my personal recommendation to view just some of this anime and I don’t give recommendations very easily. I can almost guarantee that you will thoroughly enjoy it, unless you are very fussy. Granted at the start of the series every other episode may seem to be kinda stupid and pointless, but once you get past these iffy episodes the series greatly improves especially in the latter half of the series. The Ouran anime series is produced by BONES, the same company as Fullmetal Alchemist. With the announcement of it’s release of the first thirteen episodes in a box set in America on October 28th, I’m saving up to buy this anime.

The creator of the manga is called Hatori Bisco but the manga has bulleted ahead so far it’s past the chapter sixty mark. The anime is loyal to the manga up to volume eight which is around the 32-36 chapter mark. In the anime the last two episodes are completely for the anime as there is no manga counterpart for that storyline…yet. Personally, I wonder if there’s going to be a second season of Ouran, so we can have a chance to the extra antics which are exclusively for the manga. Viz Media publishes this manga in English and it currently up to volume eleven.

Hatori Bisco is also the creator of the vampiric romance Millennuim Snow. To anyone who’s read Millennium Snow, I bet your thinking the ending is a bit of a cop-out. According to Hatori Bisco, that particular series is not finished but it’s very difficult to try and finish it because of the success of Ouran, it’s understandable that she wants to stick to a good thing. As far as I know at the moment Millennium Snow is as finished as it’s ever gonna be, at least until Ouran finishes up.

Anyway, it all starts with a student called Haruhi who ends up winning a scholarship to a prestigious academy called Ouran High School. This academy is an exclusive school for the children of the extremely rich and famous. After breaking an expensive vase, Haruhi becomes the dogsbody of the Ouran High School Host Club. The job of the Host Club is to entertain young, bored ladies who attend Ouran High School, for a small fee of course.  After realising Haruhi’s potential, the Host Club decide to induct Haruhi as an official member…..except all the members of the Host Club are guys and Haruhi is well…..a girl. She seems to have no concept of differences between genders and since the Host Club members demand repayment of the vase, Haruhi then ends up becoming a “male” student and a member of the Club. The antics of the Host Club are hilarious and I adore Tamaki’s “The King” idiotic ego and the twin’s by the names of Kaoru and Hikaru, playing of pranks upon everyone. The situations in which the Host Club have to shield Haruhi’s true gender can be a chore but don’t be mistaken that this series is a complete comedy. It is essentially a comedy anime but it does delve deeper into the character’s backgrounds which can be quite saddening and pityful. Between the twin’s marketing of each other, Kyouya’s miserly nature, Hunni’s love of Bun-Bun and chocolates, Mori’s silent demeanor, Tamaki’s idiocy, Haruhi’s cluelessness, a cross-dressing father and a yakuzamember in love with Haruhi, it’s a long list but it’s worth it.

As Ouranis a comedy and drama, it’s simply too easy to get a comedy video skit, so here’s a rendition of Hallelujah with some of the more dramatic scenes from Ouran. The music kicks in at the ten second mark and so….

Welcome to the Host Club 


12 Responses to “Ouran High School Host Club”

  1. Yup, Host Club is a good anime 🙂

    Excellent AMV! I bet it took you some time to find this one among the plethora of obnoxious AMVs. I really like that song 🙂

    Here is AMV that focuses on Haruhi x Tamaki:

  2. @Kitsune It really did take a while to find that AMV for Ouran, as I wanted something that would have a little bit from each character, but my fave pairings are Haruhi x Tamaki and Haruhi x Hikaru. I think we all know that Haruhi will eventually end up with Tamaki anyway. 🙂

  3. The amv was quite awesome!

    loved the hikaru x haruhi (even though my love for fictional characters falls wholeheartedly on tamaki)

    All my eopisodes got deleted off veoh T^T

    So I ask the question…are playstation 2’s multi region? O_o?

  4. @Kate Unfortunately, Ps2’s are not multi-regional. 😦 I tried that before. I bought my multi-regional DVD player for under €100 on sale, but the store has since closed down. It’s very difficult to try and find a multi-regional DVD player as it’s not in Argos but have a search and you might unearth something. 🙂

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