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Live Action Movies

Oh well, if you read this blog a lot then you will have the knowledge that I have an aversion to live-action movies based on anime and manga. Two prospective movies to blog about today. First of all, the Dragonball Z live action movie had completed filming and is scheduled for a 2009 release, but next is what I really want to address.

The latest news is that plans have been announced for a Cowboy Bebop live-action movie, according to Anime News Network. It seems that Fox Studios have decided to tackle this challenge of creating a live action movie whilst still trying to retain the attitude of Cowboy Bebop. Personally, I wonder how this movie is going to marketed. Is there going to be a worldwide advertising campaign promoting Cowboy Bebop or is going to quietly but immediately released to DVD when it reaches European waters? Although, I think live action goes against the grain, perhaps I haven’t given it a chance. I know that if, by some miraculous achievement, Cowboy Bebop gets a European cinema release, Fox studio’s will get the price of my cinema ticket…even if I remain skeptical.


2 Responses to “Live Action Movies”

  1. I predict that Cowboy Bebop live-action film is not going to turn out very well. It would be very hard to produce anything that is even close to the level of that anime. Also, since it will be limited to about an hour or two, not much of a story can be told.

  2. Any adaptation would start out facing gross apprehension from die hard fans who want everything “by the book” and the newbies who just want something interesting… I just hope that the movie won’t have misleading trailers like Golden Compass did… which to me, seemed great until I went to the theatres…

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