From Here to There to Japan One Day


Two reasons for writing this particular post with one reason being the main influencing factor behind it, so let’s start with the smaller but no means less important reason.

Normally when I try to explain the artistic values behind manga to people whom I’m friends with who have their own family and kids, they admit if they saw manga they would think something it’s that’s like Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh or some other cartoon. Blissfully unaware not realising the manga may have an age rating, they might be purchasing inappropriate material for their cute little kiddies but may a get a shock if they actually flicked through the pages. An instance of this is in a bookshop where I rarely purchase manga, had ordered a BL (Boy’s Love) manga published by Blu. Of course, the people who are responsible for ordering it simply don’t have an idea and easily dismiss it as a “crazy, backwards comic” and it’s easily stacked amongst the bad selection of cutesy shojo manga. It’s understandable, as not everyone is passionate about Japanimation. 

I have yet to blog about the t-shirt offer in Ireland at the moment where you can buy two Tokyopop manga and get a free +Anima tee. I have misplaced the USB cable for my camera hence the lack of picture. Anyway, I really wanted the free tee, simple as that. To coincide with the t-shirt giveaway, they had certain manga like Fruits Basket and +Anima on special offer. I wanted to check out new manga’s that I hadn’t heard of really, so I bought the first volume of +Anima and the third volume of Tactics.

Now, here’s the problem, as there always seems to be. The first volume of +Anima had a few pages referring to alcoholism, domestic abuse and a stabbing with a scissors. I have to admit I wasn’t too shocked by the references as the manga is rated as 13+ , so I’m not that persnickety over those details. The third volume of Tactics on the other hand, I have a problem with. Personally, I did enjoy the manga it had a certain humour about it, my problem is with the English Editor or whomever is in charge of the age rating on the manga in Tokyopop. Tactics has the rating of 13+ by the people in Tokyopop, which is grossly miscategorised. Perhaps a manga has to have a certain amount of ticks on a checklist before being categorised, I don’t know. The rating of 16+ normally would have some gratuitous nudity, swearing and probably violence, that’s usually the standard. In my opinion, I don’t think use of the word “pr***k and pr***k face” constitutes as appropriate for little kiddies of 13. I’m all for get the children while they’re young to introduce them to anime and manga, but that’s simply too much for my own standards. Children repeat what they hear and repeat what they read in this case. Can you imagine a parent hearing their little child saying that to them or their friends, thinking nothing of it? I know what I would do, probably burn the book and ban them from watching innocent ickle Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh. This might be an over-reaction to a swear word even as children are becoming, not more mature, but more aware of the world around them at a younger age, even before the transition between childhood and adulthood. As far as swear words go, I thinkit’s one of the worst, maybe I’m being a prude, but I have a tendency to swear and I’m well versed.

One thing I can say for certain is that someone in Tokyopop is certainly doing a mightly crappy job.


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