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+Anima tee

Over here on the green isle of Ireland, Tokyopop have an offer on. Buy any two Tokyopop manga and get a free Anima t-shirt. I really wanted the freebie so I bought the first volume of Anima and the third volume of another series called Tactics. Although, I bought them the other day, I wasn’t too enthusiastic to read them, you know free tee and all. 🙂

Now, the t-shirt…..It’s an +Anima tee but the only size they had left was large. That means that I’m nearly swamped in it, but nonetheless it’s going to worn. I even tried to practice the art of Chinese T-shirt folding, courtesy of Zaniac, but I it didn’t end very well. So above is a pic of the hallowed tee, please excuse the quality of the photo and the fact that it’s askew. I previously took a few pics with my camera but I was unable to find my USB lead to hook to up to my laptop. Just my luck that when I find the lead, I can’t find the camera. 😦 So the pic here, was taken with the built in web-cam. When I manage to find the camera, I’ll update it. 🙂


2 Responses to “T-shirt”

  1. Hmmm… +Anima was a bit too… bland for me. Too much focus on the anima characters and how small+cute they are.

  2. @ ffviiknight I agree that +Anima is a bit bland but it’s aimed at the younger fans of manga. I’m sure if I read it a few years ago, I probably would have appreciated it more.

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