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“It’s looks like a cat. Kitty, kitty, me~ow”

If ever you’ve heard one of your friends or family refer to anime as “those crazy cartoons, again”, well FLCL is definitely the embodiment if complete and utter nonsense to the extreme. It’s nuttier than the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and that’s some achievement. This particular anime is the brainchild of Kazuya Tsurumaki and FLCL is produced by Gainax (Neon Genesis Evangelion, This Ugly Yet Beautiful World) and Production I.G. (Ghost in the Shell, Blood: The Last Vampire). Plus, I noticed that I tend to blog about shoujo manga and anime but I assure you that there is enough action in this anime to keep you entertained. 🙂

FLCL is an abbreviation of Fooli Cooli, Fooly Cooly, or Furi Kuri depending on which way it is spelled. It is an OVA anime series lasting six episodes, so it’s very difficult to get bored with the antics of Haruko, Naota and sometimes even Mamimi. FLCL is not only an anime, it’s a cultural reference too. Several times throughout the series it refers to various iconic items such as South Park, The Matrix, Jimi Hendrix and even Hitler. Also, at times it reverts to a black and white manga format especially when they try to explain the reason for Fooly Cooly. Even after watching the panels with the extremely loud explanation, I still don’t truly understand the motivating force behind FLCL. FLCL also has a manga version and there are two volumes of FLCL published by Tokyopop but the animation seems rough and childlike but still remains appealing at the same time, like some kinda warped dream setting. The manga sticks to the plot overall but it’s especially grisly when it reaches episode four of the anime. That particular episode is the darkest one in the series and we can eventually see Haruko’s true intentions shine through.   

FLCL opens with a young boy by the name of Naota complaining that nothing ever changes in his city, everything is the same day in, day out. His older brother left the city to play on a baseball team and it’s obvious that Naota hero-worships his brother but resents the fact that he’s gone. His brother’s former girlfriend, Mamimi, misses her boyfriend and so has transferred her affections onto Naota instead. But I wonder if Naota ever heard the saying “Be careful what you wish for” because an alien girl called Haruko, bursts onto the scene with her wasp yellow Vespa and bass guitar, disturbing the quiet solitude of the city. She ends up knocking Naota down on her Vespa, but luckily enough he survives it, only needing a bandage on his head. At the end of the first episode when a big robot emerges from Naota’s forehead, the craziness is only beginning.

The series take’s a theme of “monster of the week” for a few of them as there are only six episodes. Through these experiences we see the blossoming relationship between Haruko and Naota, much to Mamimi’s dislike, as well as Mamimi’s growing fascination of arsonism. At the closing of the series, Haruko’s past is somewhat uncovered as it seems that she has been travelling the galaxy for years in search of a being called Atomsk. Haruko is great character by the fact that she has her own flaws and embraces them completely and wholeheartedly. She has no qualms about using people for her own ends, it’s implied that Naota is certainly not the first person she has ever used. I’m presuming this from the fact that Haruko’s relationship with Captain Amarao (the guy with the eyebrows. 🙂 ) was similar to Haruko’s and Naota’s.

Utterly nonsensical but wholesomely entertaining.

The final piece to this post, an FLCL amv timed to Hysteria by Muse. Enjoy 🙂



2 Responses to “FLCL”

  1. There’s a weird misunderstanding about Furi Kuri and a similar phrase it sounds like… but there’s a wee bit of truth to that digression :p

  2. Have watched the entire series twice, in my opinion FLCL is rubbish, but daft and funny. It made me laugh, but I only watched it again because my mate was over and he wanted to watch it. It was to take his mind off Neon Genesis’s disturbing ending so it succeeded in any case!

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