From Here to There to Japan One Day


I will be on a brief hiatus until next week as I’m going to a concert in Dublin to see the English band Muse in Marley Park. At the moment I’m hoping that the Irish weather at the moment will drastically improve otherwise it’ll be swim city for me. Hopefully I can explore the vast array of bookshops and DVD stores under Alexia’s guidance.

I’m catching an early train in the morning but Tuesday night TV over here is the best night until eleven o’clock. I have my throw-away-after-concert boots and jeans and I’ve even bought my “rain-proof” jacket (not sure until tested). I plan on taking lots of pictures, so in the meantime enjoy this comedy sketch of Ouran High School Host Club crossed with Dane Cook talking about dancing. There are subs on it but at times it matches with the comedy sketch, so read carefully.

Caution!- There’s swearwords, so don’t have it full blast at work…..:)


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