From Here to There to Japan One Day

Adventure Reviewed

Phew! I certainly have a lot to blog about over such a short period of time. So I’m going to write this post in the order that I did the activities on that day and include lots of pictures!
Lasers @ Muse

First of all let’s start with the manga I bought in Dublin. The first series I bought was the manwha Dokebi Bride published by Net Comics, but in all honesty I’ve only flicked through the two volumes. I haven’t really given this manwha a fighting chance yet but if I manage to summon up the time, I might try it again. La Corda d’Oro is a new addition but I only managed to get volumes four, seven and eight. The story is about a young girl who ends up receiving a magic violin and is then able to play it to perfection, although she has never played a violin in her entire life. Another great thing about La Corda d’Oro is the fact it is similar to Ouran High School Host Club as it’s packed with a male harem of bishounen. 🙂 A couple of volumes of Ouran were also added to my collection, plus the first volume of the epic shonen manga spanning twenty volumes by the name of Black Cat.

A memorable event was also my lunch especially since Alexia knew what I would appreciate the most. A trip to a Japanese restaurant called Hop House. We both ordered the Japanese Obento Box and here’s a pic. 

Japanese Obento

Okay starting from the top right corner we have tempura, which is vegetables that have been deep fried, although I must admit it certainly wasn’t my favourite part of the bento. To the left of the tempura is sushi with giant tuna, also known as ootoro and if your a fan of Ouran then you’ll know that ootoro is the food used to bribe Haruhi to stay in the club. 🙂 Beside the giant tuna is salmon onigiri, basically salmon and rice so it’s salmon sushi. The weird squid-like mystery beside the salmon sushi is fresh ginger, which really leaves a bite on your tongue. Although you can’t see it from this particular photo, there was a little squeeze of the very hot wasabi beside the ginger. The bottom left of the bento was the tastiest part in my opinion. Chicken katsu with curry on a bed of perfectly cooked rice just hit the spot. 🙂 To the right of the scrumptious chicken katsu is an elegant salad. A great choice if you’re looking for variety on a single dish. 

After the heavenly lunch, I managed to get my results from the exams that I sat for back in June. These exams were the life-changing ones but by some miraculous feat, I got a grade of A2 in the Higher English paper. 😀 The rest of the results were exceptionally good but I must admit the similarities of the high grades I received were wholly unexpected.

Muse and Kasabian tickets
The Concert. It was such a brilliant event it even managed to get a capital “C”. To be honest the Irish weather decided to make an appearance just before we reached Marlay Park, as we trudged through the light drizzle hoping that it would clear up. Luckily enough the raining stopped for most of the night and if you look carefully the picture above says “Rain or Shine”….but let’s talk about the Concert. One of the first things you noticed were these massive satellite dishes at both sides of the stage. Technically Kasabian were the warm-up band for Muse, but even Kasabian had a warm-up band before them and they didn’t completely bowl me over with their “awesomeness”. The main guy must have had a Bono phase as he wore those mad sunglasses that end up covering half of your face but he’s singing was a combination of warbling and muttering. I don’t even know who the band are as the tech guy didn’t turn on the microphones fast enough. Eventually when Kasabian came on Tom Meighan had that massive-sunglasses-even-though-it’s-starting-to-rain look at the start but he decided on the smart thing and ditched them, plus the guy looked wrecked tired but they still put on a great show. The crowd were somewhat reserved too, it seemed he had to try and pull a reaction out of the crowd. I know I was saving my energy for the headliners. 🙂 During Kasabian the dude in the video below started rocking out to them.


As predicted, the band Muse made an appearance just as twilight fell upon all the people gathered at Marlay Park. The satellites were crazy but fantastic when the images were projected onto them. When they started to play I could feel the vibrations of the drums and the bass guitar reverberate in my chest. I’ve heard about crushes and the like at live concerts but I never expected it to be so tightly packed. I mean we had a pretty good view until the people who are at least a foot taller and wider than you stand in front of you. I’ve guessed that if there’s a space to get a little bit closer there’s usually a reason why someone else isn’t there. 🙂 So height restrictions and hair length restriction more so for dudes rather than girls. Let’s say the guys tend to go a bit mad on the headbanging with their whip-like extensions slapping you in the face. I can understand though because Muse are outstanding super uber awesome. I really like the way that they balanced their playlist as well, a melodic sweet song interspersed every couple of mad hair ripping rocking songs, it tended to calm the crowd and let you catch a breath. 🙂 The weather held for most of the concert but when they started to play the opening of Starlight a light drizzle fell upon Marlay Park as if in harmony to people gathered there. The satellites and the laser show really set a tone to the concert too.

I would do it all again in a heartbeat. So I finish this post of my escapades with a clip of the concert made by someone who was lucky enough to get into the pit with the song Starlight by Muse in Marlay Park. I wasn’t lucky enough to get into the pit, Alexia and I were to the extreme right of the stage. Although you can’t see it from the clip, I can assure you there was synchronised clapping by the fans and I hope you get a taste of the atmosphere from that unforgettable night. 


6 Responses to “Adventure Reviewed”

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  2. Congratulations on passing your exams! 🙂

    Sounds like you ate some tasty food, and enjoyed the Concert.

  3. @Kitsune I was really happy with my exam results and I loved the Japanese meal especially because of the steel chopsticks! Since I came back from the Concert, everytime I hear one of Muse’s songs I get a chill down my spine. 🙂

  4. Interesting fact: some of the equipment on Muse’s sets are actually just props to make the stage look more hectic.

    Unlike most people I think thats great.

  5. @B’dum I can guarantee that the stage looked absolutely awesome. I now understand why Muse are given the awards of being the best live band to ever see. 🙂

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