From Here to There to Japan One Day

Chibi Links 22-August-2008

If you’re familiar to the Irish blogosphere you might have heard of Red Links or Fluffy Links. I have created Chibi Links. Chibi is the word for small in Japanese, hence the name is basically “Small Links”. Short and sweet with a small comment attached and so I thought I would do Chibi Links every fortnight or so because I certainly wouldn’t have enough time to research them as often as I may need to. 

Hope that I only stick a spoon in your eye, I’m a ninja in training.

Ever tried to listen to Japanese pod casts via iTunes? No? Here’s how.

Great practice for hiragana via California State University. Here’s a timed test created by those scholars for the basic 46 hiragana.

The Japanese Wii safety manual and please keep in mind that your feet does produce lightning.

Really beautiful art rendered on wood panel and on paper.

Very random. A monkey in a busy station

I’ve played the game Tales of Symphonia and now I want to get the latest one in the series Tales of Vesperia, but if I lived in Japan there would be a big problem


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