From Here to There to Japan One Day


As usual there’s a reason for this post. 🙂

Today’s victim is GoComi. I actually had an entire ranting post about GoComi but let’s keep it short and sweet. The website for this publisher seems to somewhat lax, very lax in fact. I would almost say that it has a bored attitude and leaves a bad impression. Any company has to be tightly run to ensure that it can perform, make a profit and keep a certain rapport with it’s consumer base. There is no room for mistakes especially when you’re trying to sell your product to potential customers.

The problem is that GoComi’s website is still advertising a competition that has been closed for nearly two months, even worse they’ve been promoting their closed competition on the bottom left of their homepage. Very lax attitude, don’t you think? I certainly think that they are not maximising their potential and resources.


3 Responses to “Lax”

  1. So there are more anime & manga loving bloggers in Ireland, welcome to my subscription list!
    Well considering what happened to Anime Central (http://animecentral.com/) it’s pretty mild!

  2. @Thomas I agree it’s pretty mild but still at the same time, it’s a bit clumsy on their part.

  3. […] known as Kyuukyoku Venus and is published by GoComi. Even though I may have a had recent gripe about GoComi, they do have a few manga gems stashed away in their selection. Normally I only blog […]

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