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Voices of a Distant Star

“One thought can overcome time and distance, just one thought.”

Also called Hoshi no Koe or Voices From A Star. Normally I have a watch an entire series before I blog about but luckily enough that Voices of a Distant Star is a thirty minute OVA. This OVA was the brainchild of Makoto Shinkai who is also responsible for creating other anime called such as The Place Promised in Our Early Days and 5 Centimetres Per Second. Makoto teamed up with CoMix Wave to create Voices of a Distant Star and in 2002 was to be licenced by ADV Films for a U.S release. When this OVA was released it contained an extra OVA lasting five minutes called She and Her Cat, also created by Makoto Shinkai. A single volume manga was published a couple of years later by Tokyopop. This OVA also won heaps of awards in 2002 ranging from Best Director, Best Media of the Year to an Award for Packaging.

I normally wouldn’t be very persnickety but some of the camera angles in this OVA can be really off putting. At times, it seems that the main character, Mikako, has a massive jaw with her facial features of starting up somewhere near her hairline.The mecha’s look like a souped down version of the Transformers but I suppose it was advanced for it’s time in 2002, especially since this OVA was written, directed and produced on a single computer. The background detail was absolutely superb but I thought the character design and camera angles just killed it for me. The music is a major plus to Voices of a Distant Star, it’s a highlight to the OVA. I wasn’t expecting the storyline to improve too much but to see both sides of the characters feelings was a plus. Seeing how Mikako is slowly drifting away further and further from her first love as her messages take longer to reach him is truly heart wrenching. Even years later, Noboru patiently checks his messages everyday just on the hope that today might be the day he gets a message from her.

The opening of Voices of a Distant Star is intriguing to say the least. A young girl is texting someone but eventually finds herself in an empty classroom. She asks “Where am I?” and wakes up from her dream….

War is raging in the galaxy between humans and aliens called the Tarsians. Mikako is drafted in the army to defend the world from the oncoming Tarsian invasion. As we see the times and troubles faced by Mikako and Noboru respectively, their love for each other is constant throughout the OVA, even if they tricked themselves into doubting it. Mikako faces death every time she leaves the safety of the mothership whilst Noboru is condemned to spend the rest of his life seemingly waiting in the wings for her return.

It’s a memorable Ova but I don’t think that I would be in a rush to see it again. I must admit though, I wasn’t expecting such an emotionally charged OVA from thirty minutes and I’ll be honest, I sniffled at the end with a tear in my eye. Wouldn’t you think though that after all those years in space, she would’ve managed to change out of her school uniform..?

Below is the theatrical trailer of Voices of a Distant Star only a minute long. Enjoy! 🙂

Edit: As per usual the best video I can possibly get always seems to get deleted! The original trailer was fantastic with an adrenaline boost but now I present a slightly longer video with music from the movie called Separations Sorrow. There’s no action in this amv but I can guarantee there’s action a plenty in the movie. 🙂

This time, enjoy! 🙂


5 Responses to “Voices of a Distant Star”

  1. It is a good anime and my favorite of Makoto Shinkai works.

  2. I’ve seen The Place Promised in Our Early Days and really enjoyed it – will get my finger out and watch Voices of a Distant Star next

  3. There’s a manga and even a novel adaption to this. And I rage at you for posting about my favorite anime before I promised Kitsune… oh… a month ago. Still have to get my screenshots in order D:

  4. Take your time, FFVIIKnight 🙂

    Maybe you were thinking about it and, inadvertently, communicated your passion to this show across the ocean to Klaraflame telepathically 😛

  5. @David I have yet to watch The Place Promised in Our Early Days but I know the gist of the story. It’s added to my anime list. 🙂

    @ffviiknight @Kitsune Hmmm….maybe I am telepathic and perhaps I picked up on the vibe?? 🙂

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