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Conclusion of FMA?

Originally I wasn’t going to blog about the announcement of the second series of FMA since it’s old news but I was wondering how the next season of FMA is going to start. Is it going to be a series that explains the gap of time in between the end of the last season and before the movie? Or will it be a tagged onto the end of the FMA movie where there’s a very little chance of creating a series after the note of finality? Surely it can’t be starting off from the end of the movie, how can it be called Fullmetal Alchemist if there’s no alchemy?


6 Responses to “Conclusion of FMA?”

  1. Someone mentioned before that this new FMA will be a re-telling of the story. I wonder if they will follow manga more closely this time.

  2. @ Kitsune I’m hoping that the new FMA series will be good but I wonder is it on behalf of the company making a quick buck since FMA is now a classic anime?

  3. Yes, it is possible since many studios are re-releasing their old material such as Evangelion and Ghost in the Shell.

  4. @Kitsune Honestly though I don’t think that a new FMA series has much to work with.

  5. Considering how different the anime is from the manga, after a couple episodes, there’s plenty to work with. The question is… how far will they go since the manga’s still not complete… yet.

  6. @ffviiknight I guess we’ll just have to wait and see in the meantime. 🙂

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