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She and Her Cat

She and Her Cat is also called Their Standing Points or Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko. This anime lasts under five minutes so it’s much more enjoyable waving goodbye to five minutes of your life than watching another filler episode of Naruto or One Piece. This is one of the earlier works of Makoto Shinkai who later created Voices of a Distant Star/Hoshi no Koe and both anime OVA’s were created in collaboration with studio CoMix Wave Inc. This short anime OVA was also added as a bonus feature on the U.S. DVD release of Voices of a Distant Star. If you’ve seen Makoto Shinkai’s other works than you’ll have noticed that some dramatic scenes occur with a still shot of power lines which progresses into a scene with a railroad crossing. She and Her Cat was also the winner in the 2000 DoGA CG Animation contest Grand Prix.

One of the reason’s I like this OVA so much is that it’s from the cat’s point of view and how it sees the world around it. So here’s the entire short, all copyrights and such remain to their respective owners, since technically this isn’t an AMV it’s an OVA.


3 Responses to “She and Her Cat”

  1. Ah yes, it is a very nice short animation that shows many things implicitly.

  2. Such poignant beauty…thank you so much for sharing this…

  3. @Kitsune I agree that a lot of things are hinted at and left to the imagination of the viewer.

    @Susanne You’re very welcome. 🙂

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