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Ultimate Venus

“Suspect good looking men more than suspicious looking ones!!”

Also known as Kyuukyoku Venus and is published by GoComi. Even though I may have a had recent gripe about GoComi, they do have a few manga gems stashed away in their selection. Normally I only blog about manga which have been licenced into English and so when I discovered that this particular manga was snapped up by GoComi, I was pleasantly surprised. The creator of this manga, Takako Shigematsu, is responsible for the manga called King of the Lamp and has also created another comedy series which I’ve read but have yet to blog about, by the name of I’m No Angel (Tenshi Ja Nai), both published by Go-Comi. Ultimate Venus consists of four volumes but only two are published at the moment. The third volume is scheduled for release in December 2008 and the final and fourth volume is due out in March 2009. 

First of all, don’t be mistaken into thinking it’s another shoujo manga, it is a shoujo manga but one with a diverse and somewhat rebellious female character. Yuzu is a young girl who ends up becoming an orphan after her mother dies. Struggling with her poverty, she ends up living in a playground but little did Yuzu know that her maternal grandmother is still alive and not only that, she’s a millionaire surrounded by an entire harem of bishounen guys. The reason her grandmother has decided to take in Yuzu is to test if she will become a suitable heiress. She is thrown head first into the life of high society and of course makes a unforgettable debut to all of her relatives who envy her position as a prospective heiress. Yuzu finds herself attracted to her grandmother’s closest aid called Kagami but the true relationship between Kagami and her grandmother is not known, only that Yuzu’s grandmother is Kagami’s “benefactor”.

After befriending a member of staff, he helps Yuzu escape the clutches of her grandmother and Kagami. With her unfortunate luck, this member of staff lures her into a kidnapping attempt. It seems though that the grandmother’s harem of bishounen guys are not just all pretty faces. 🙂 Moving swiftly on, Yuzu transfers to a new school but even then she’s not safe from the treacherous clutches of people out to get her……..

I’m adding this particular shoujo to my Birthday/Christmas list so for the moment I’m gonna hold off buying it. It’s because if I get into anything like a tv show, book or manga, I just just have to watch or read the entire thing in one sitting. At one stage I even watched an entire series of the action/spy series called Alias in a twenty four hour slot, surviving on power naps!! 🙂

Courtsey of the GoComi website they’ve taken the initative and give you a taster of the manga, which is available all the time. So enjoy a preview of Ultimate Venus from the GoComi website. 🙂


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