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Millennuim Snow

“I guess there’s such a thing as a vampire who hates blood….”

Also known as A Thousand Years of Snow or Sennen no Yuki and the two volumes of this manga are created by Hatori Bisco (Ouran High School Host Club) and published by Viz Media. Initially you’re able to tell that this manga’s animation was the stepping stone before the somewhat more refined style of Ouran. It’s a good manga, but it’s pity about the ending, by the fact that it’s left hanging. But I’ll discuss this factor more at the closing of this post. 

Chiyuki is the girl who has a very weak heart, who has violent seizures which may end her life in an instant. Whilst being cooped in the hospital, she wanders the grounds and finds a vampire called Touya, whom has  an aversion to drinking blood. After the initial sweetness of the first chapter, we can see that Chiyuki’s health is rapidly deteriorating, as her seizures are weakening her. She begs Touya to make her his human partner so that she may exist for a thousand years, but he hates blood and thinks that all humans are weak, so he refuses her request. When Chiyuki is at the brink of death, Touya stops time briefly so he can say a final farewell to her, but he decides to improve her health temporarily by giving her some of his own blood. She then enrolls him in school and she is overjoyed with the fact that she can now participate in P.E. class as she always had to sit and watch because of her heart condition. Touya keeps trying  to put her off of him but Chiyuki proves to him that she cares for him and that he should not so easily dismiss her strength of faith.

Roll on Satsuki who is the playboy of the school. His popularity amongst the female demographic of the school is legendary, (plus his personality and character design may have been the inspiration for Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club). He eventually makes a play for Chiyuki, asking her out straight whilst Touya is quietly steaming with jealousy. But Satsuki also has a secret of his own…..he’s a werewolf. Satsuki cannot accept his werewolf side and still lives among humans, whilst Touya is somewhat similar as he tries to ignore his baser desire for blood but he can’t really accept his life among the humans, both characters feel condemned and isolated because of their supernatural origins. During a skiing trip, the trio end up in a haunted mansion but eventually come out almost unscathed, but I thought that this arc in the plot was just a page filler of sorts.

But the next story arc in the plot is a bit more darker and had a somewhat rushed feel to it. Chiyuki’s childhood friend Kei-chan arrives from America, who’s extremely over protective of her. It seems the reason he’s thinking of going into medicine into the specialty of heart disease was because of her condition. It’s obvious that Kei loves Chiyuki but his intense jealousy of Touya especially mars the feeling he has for Chiyuki. I would go so far to label him as a bit of a psycho. Plus after Kei’s appearance in the series, Satasuki seems to disappear completely from thet particular story arc as there is no mention of him at all in the final chapters.

I like the banter between Touya and his bat Yamimaru. The bat is quite aware that Touya likes Chiyuki a lot more than he’s letting on but Yamimaru likes to try and get it through Touya’s thick skull.  The plot of this manga very much reminds me of the book Twilight (and the rest of the series) by Stephenie Meyer, but that’s because of the whole vampire and werewolf thing going on there. Hatori Bisco has stated that Millennuim Snow is not completed, but it’s understandable that she wants to focus her efforts upon Ouran due to its recent success. So perhaps, when Ouran is finished, we may get to see more of the antics of Chiyuki,Touya, Satsuki and Yamimaru.

So the last question is, are we ever going to see what’s to happen to Chiyuki stuck between these two supernatural guys?


3 Responses to “Millennuim Snow”

  1. […] Bisco is also the creator of the vampiric romance Millennuim Snow. To anyone who’s read Millennium Snow, I bet your thinking the ending is a bit of a cop-out. […]

  2. “A Thousand Years of Snow” I like that title 🙂

    Ah, vampires and werewolves, what a popular combination it is.

    The girl has to pick the vamp because he saved her life.

  3. @Kitsune Yeah, vamps and werewolves are always a heady combination. 🙂 I would love to see how the story will be finished up but we all know that Chiyuki and Touya will end up with each other, like how in Ouran you know that Haruhi and Tamaki will end up with each other in the end. 🙂

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