From Here to There to Japan One Day

Chibi Links 24-September-2008

This branded rice is absolutely crazy…

A dumped girlfriend

Current Japanese fashion of slashed jeans and flouncy dresses.

I like the first two of the abstract watches the best.

Ranging from ice-cream to flight insurance to dry ice to fishing supplies, all from vending machines

The Japanese idea of eating without a napkin


3 Responses to “Chibi Links 24-September-2008”

  1. Interesting watches 🙂 I don’t like wearing a watch on a wrist though. A cell phone is a good way to check time, but I also have a pocket watch just in case 🙂

  2. I rather fancy those jeans, but I’ll stick with the Tesco ones that got ripped through hard work, they tell a story. Admittedly a pretty crappy story.
    Your tags are in a interesting order, I’ll be on the lookout for a “Chibi Crazy Japanese Link” linking me to something soon!
    Japanese vending machines are crazy indeed….

  3. @Kitsune I have to say the steampunk watch is really cool but completely impractical. 🙂

    @Thomas You never know, you may be featured on the crazy Chibi Links soon. 🙂

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