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Yen Press

Firstly, I thought I would start writing about the smaller publishers of manga before mentioning the more mainstream publishing companies. Yen Press is manga division of the Hachette Book Group USA. It announced at the last ComicCon in July 2008 that it planned to release a monthly magazine, called Yen Plus, featuring some of their titles.

The Yen Press has the .us domain rather than the more common .com, I visited the yenpress.com domain and got to redirected to the proper .us website via an e-comic. The design of the website is very clear and tidy, in way minimalist. Extra clutter and unecessary features cause confusion, so I think that the Yen Press is design is very attractive and appealing to the eye.

Yen Press has over fourty titles to their list, about half manga and half manhwa. A few of their titles are some which I’m greatly looking forward to such as the violent, supernatural school manhwa Jack Frost and The Forest of Gray City which seems to be a speeded up manwha version of Tramps Like Us condensed into two volumes. Yen Press also have some of the following titles: the novels called Spice and Wolf whose anime distribution rights for North American release had been snapped up by Kadokawa Pictures USA , The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Black God, Nightschool (by the same author as the manga Dramacon) and With the Light: Raising an Autistic Child. The With the Light manga achieved acclaim and has won an Excellence Prize from the Japan Media Arts Festival for dealing with a topic with such inspiration and poignancy. Overall, I like the Yen Press website and their ever-growing catalogue of manga and manhwa.

Update: 23 October 2008 Hachette Book Group announces that the Yen Press division is to be combined with the Orbit title which publishes fantasy and science fiction.


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