From Here to There to Japan One Day


I travelled on the bus down to Cork recently which the driver looked like he was wearing mascara and looking very similar to the bassist from Fall Out Boy. Brilliant bus driver though, he went up in my estimation when I saw a scorpion tattoo on his arm; although the bus was quite manky, especially the air conditioning which howled in protest in being used. 

Wandering around Cork I called into a specialist shop called Other Realms for manga and anime but they also sell books, comic books, Warhammer stuff and I think trading cards too. I bought a few new series which I have not yet read but I plan to read them this weekend since I finished two essays this week. 🙂 I know that manga is a bit more expensive in the shops than online but I like to give the specialist shop any business that I can. A couple of volumes of Ouran was purchased, I’m now at about the volume six mark so far. Waterstones on the other hand, had a three for two deal with the cheapest one free. I bought the first volume of each of the following series: Blood+ published by Yen Press, Death Note published by Viz Media and Tale of the Moon (I had to get a shojo) also published by Viz Media. I have yet to get around to reading them but I’m looking forward to my weekend. 🙂


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