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Gears of War 2

I know this isn’t a typical anime or manga post but I would buy an Xbox just to play this game. I think that the music in the advert is a real plus. Even last year with the release of Assassin’s Creed, it also had a really good soundtrack in the advert. I read a review in the newspaper that this game only has about ten to twelve hours game play combined with more online maps and weapons, etc. 

One of the reasons I never bought a Xbox is because it way too many buttons combined with the fact that I find online gaming to be a major turnoff. I’m not too sure why that is but I remember the days of Tetris and Super Mario where you got further by your own work. 

Although the gameplay doesn’t have many hours; a graphics lover will adore this game, I’m guessing this because of the ad. Normally I wouldn’t even consider buying a war like this one or even something like Call of Duty. I find the tension in the games just kills me. 🙂 I’m not a fan of things jumping out of nowhere like Resident Evil or these war games. I prefer a sniper game where you can comfortably pick people off without any danger. Also the game Red Ninja was particulary good, it wasn’t a sniper game but the character has a big wire to use on enemies, basically a stealth game. At the end of the day, the media corporations would have enticed me to buy this game but since I don’t own an Xbox I’ll probably buy the next gen consoles when they’re released. I could simply go on for ages but if you have no idea what Gears of War 2 is then have a look below.

I love this song from the Gears of War 2 advert. It’s by DeVotchka called How It Ends; the original song is just under seven minutes long.


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