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Happy Wishes

Somebody whose birthday is not in December:
“You’re lucky to have your birthday near Christmas!!”

Me: “Eh, no. Not really….”

Tonight at precisely 9.30 (GMT) I’ll be one year older. I can almost hear an echo of middle age with the added bonus of grey hair and paunch. I fact that I’ll be halfway to thirty eight and a quarter of the way to seventy six is an ominous prospect. Even worse than the age thing is my date of birth.

Out of the three times on which a person can have their birthday of before Christmas, on Christmas or just after Christmas, before is the best. In my case, friends and family members would usually give presents but there have been a couple of cases where one of my siblings say “I got you one present but it’s so awesome, you’ll have to wait until Xmas.” A ten day case of suspense ensues. 

So anyone who has their birthday in any other month than December or January, think about some you know who does and get them something awesome! 

So have some cake on me. 🙂


2 Responses to “Happy Wishes”

  1. Happy Birthday!
    My Sister is 21 this Saturday, you can bet she’ll be getting the same thing for birthday and Christmas from me. Not out od spite, out of laziness.

  2. @Thomas Thanks for the Birthday Wishes! Just make your present to your sister super-duper and expensive, that’s really important! 😀

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