From Here to There to Japan One Day


I’ve been ill for the past few days, hence the lack of blogging. Even to the extent where I had the intention to take a nap but waking up the next morning after a fourteen hour ‘nap’.

Just for something different, Alexia has decided to do a Selection Box with guest bloggers contributing a post for a few days over Christmas. I’ll be also writing a guest post within the next few days. Here’s the posts so far by Rick and Tommy

For today’s post, I’ll tell the story of last year’s present mix up which ended up to be quite humorous. In October of 2007, I purchased three volumes of the manhwa Model written by Lee So Young and published by Tokyopop. Overall, I didn’t think it was a great series, I kept getting confused between the characters which were male and which were female but that’s beside the point here. I re-read it to try and become interested in the storyline but  I made the mistake of leaving these manwha downstairs before Christmas. Of course, at the same time my mother had bought me manga as presents but thought that she had bought more of them and unwittingly presumed they were presents she forgot about. I was running around the house this day last year trying to find them and as you imagine the hilarity of the situation on Christmas Day when I discovered these presents. 🙂  

So I wish you the best during these festivities and I hope you have a peaceful and prosperous 2009. 


3 Responses to “Festivities”

  1. “I kept getting confused between the characters which were male and which were female”


  2. Also, Excellent lolcat

  3. @Thomas Yeah, I agree that Final is a pretty gender confusing game but the the manwha Model was a real complication. One of the guys had long hair and mails but I mean after a while I was able to discern the differences….barely. 🙂

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