From Here to There to Japan One Day

I Trust Tommy

I had the chance to exercise my anime mind when I attended my first blogger meet up last Sunday, hosted by the enigmatic pancake tsar Tommy Collision and a diverse mix of personalities attended between getting dessert twice, people running around outside in the Irish cold to test speedometers, people pushing cars to make space and (not including myself) everyone’s love for their own iPhone, (virtually owning an iPhone included!) 🙂  The nattering lasted into the wee hours and some people honestly tweeted the event.


A few bloggers I know own the badge below and say the tagline on it too and that is…

I Trust Tommy

Klaraflame trusts Tommy


3 Responses to “I Trust Tommy”

  1. Thanks for coming and thanks for the awesome night!

  2. It was a brill night! Thanks for inviting me! 🙂

  3. […] held at Castle Collison. It was a hoot and then some. Various people argue Tommy wasn’t shotgunning cans of Heino but I dunno… You had to be there I suppose. It was cool that he lined up a jazz trio […]

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