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New Year Yaysies

I have to admit that my manga collection will not expand too much this year since I have to save for college when I study abroad next year. If you’re a fan of Dazzle the tenth volume was published on New Year’s Day this year! I ordered it since there was a cliff-hanger in the ninth volume that I got for Christmas. 🙂 Even better is that I don’t have college until the of January and tomorrow I’m going to see Twilight for the first time! >_< 

Even though I’m very happy at the moment, I believe that one good turn deserves another. 🙂 In celebration of the first anniversary of Klaraflame, I’m going to have a competition. I even bought a couple of prizes myself but I’ll blog about it more soon. 

That’s the New Year Yaysies. 🙂


4 Responses to “New Year Yaysies”

  1. My little otaku toes are tingling, I hope it’s art or something interesting!

  2. @Thomas I won’t say anything for the moment! 🙂

  3. Yay!
    By the way…I wanted to thank you for spending time creating this blog. It’s been a wonderful source of information and fun. (esp. like the chibi-links) I know its been a lot of work for you to maintain…where do you find the time??? Wishing you a successful year at school and much joy!

  4. @Susanne Thanks for all the wishes! I hope you have a great year ahead too. I try to find some weird and wacky stuff for the Chibi Links and I hope I deliver. 🙂

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