From Here to There to Japan One Day

Irish Envoy

The obvious worsening economic climate that we are facing is a global problem but as a country, the little island of Ireland is in particularly murky waters. Japan is the largest importer of Irish goods and in an effort to drum up support from the country, the head of the Irish political party, Taoiseach Brian Cowen arrived in Tokyo a few days ago as part of an Irish envoy. As part of this envoy, meeting Emperor Akihito and Prime Minister Taro Aso are people that the Irish envoy intend to see.

Yesterday evening, Brian Cowen addressed Japanese business people in Tokyo in order to attract investment from Japanese companies to the little isle of Ireland. Over seventy Irish businesses were present at this conference as well as Enterprise Ireland and the IDA. So far two Japanese companies have shown interest in operating out of Ireland, so far creating 150 jobs between the two businesses.

Of course, the largest imported Irish product to Japan is Guinness Irish Stout which is distributed to over 24,000 Japanese bars and restaurants.




2 Responses to “Irish Envoy”

  1. Maybe we should start importing sake?

  2. @Thomas Yup, I think so too! Plus, loads of manga and anime. 😀

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